Ireland Rejects Its Catholicism with Vote for Abortion

Ireland is no longer a Catholic country. It’s an anti-Catholic country. How do we know? The Irish people have told us. Their overwhelming votes in favor of same-sex marriage (62 percent in 2015) and legalized abortion (66 percent last week) are as much a repudiation of the Catholic Church as they are enthusiastic endorsements of these secular European norms. The Irish Catholic Church is in shambles. Frayed by the influence of nihilist western Europeans and rocked by a decades-long sexual abuse scandal, the Catholic Church in Ireland seems to have squandered itself away. The numbers prove it: the proportion of Irish

Why U.S. Pro-Lifers Should Care About the Irish Abortion Referendum

The abortion referendum in Ireland has been making headlines for weeks, and will continue to do so until it comes up for a vote in May. Pro-life Americans may have seen the headlines and wondered two things: “What is this vote all about, and should I care?” The answer to, “Should I care?” is a resounding YES when the details of Ireland’s abortion ban are examined. What is Ireland’s 8th Amendment? The 8th Amendment to the Constitution of Ireland was adopted in 1983 and recognizes the equal right to life for both born and unborn children. This amendment was adopted

This St. Patrick’s Day, Pour a Pint for Ireland’s Low Taxes!

As the world prepares to “become Irish for a day” on March 17th, lets take a moment to acknowledge an under-appreciated characteristic of the Emerald Isle — its low corporate tax rate. Ireland has the lowest corporate income tax rate in the industrialized world, a mere 12.5 percent. In contrast, the United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world at over 39 percent. The results of this experiment have been extremely predictable — American businesses are moving their headquarters to where the beer is better and the taxes are lower. President Obama blasted American companies for moving