How Trump’s Religious Freedom Order Could Spark a Fire of Revival

Much has been written about President Trump’s Executive Order negating the Johnson Amendment from an inside-the-beltway point of view. From the grassroots view, there is a different perspective — and it is one of encouragement! President Trump is a bold leader, who appears to be firmly set on fulfilling his campaign promises. Thursday, May 4th, was the 66th National Day of Prayer. In celebration of it, President Trump signed an Executive Order negating the Johnson Amendment, a law in the U.S. tax code prohibiting all 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates. According to the law, these organizations “are

7 Reasons Why the US Tax System Is Beyond Horrible

Happy Tax Day! In commemoration of Americans’ least favorite day of the year, here are seven reasons why everyone is perfectly justified for hating tax season: 1.) Americans spend way too much time and money filing their taxes. According to the Tax Foundation, Americans spend over 3.24 billion hours and $37 billion filing their individual and business taxes each year. To put that in perspective, 3.24 billion hours ago I’m pretty sure there were dinosaurs around or something. 2.) The IRS has a history of being used to punish and intimidate freedom-loving organizations. Remember in 2013 when it was discovered