The Gold Standard: Copernicus, Newton, Priestley… and Trump?

Sam Kriss, in The Atlantic, has a wonderful new story, “Flat-Earthers Have A Wild New Theory About Forests,” in which I find an oblique allusion to… myself. Still, among all the bizarre, self-enclosed universes the internet has to offer — gold-standard bores, UFO chasers, people who believe that cartoons are real in a nearby dimension or that the secret rulers of the world are betraying their existence by leaving little clues on the currency — the flat-earthers are special. No, I’m not a UFO chaser, nor a believer in cartoon dimensions, or a proponent of the theory of secret rulers of

Hey Ted Cruz, Join Me in Wishing Sir Isaac Newton, Father of the Gold Standard, Happy Birthday! Tweet on!

This week we celebrate the birthday of a genius, the founder of modern physics, Sir Isaac Newton. Few people recognize that Newton also was the father of the gold standard that served to foster world prosperity for two centuries. It’s true. Ted Cruz’s call for the gold standard, it turns out, has profoundly great roots. As recently presented by Sometimes called the father of modern science, Isaac Newton revolutionized our understanding of our world. He was a real Renaissance man with accomplishments in several fields, including astronomy, physics and mathematics. Newton gave us new theories on gravity, planetary motion