‘Explode It’: ISIS Using China’s TikTok To Plot Terror Attacks In The West.

Chinese social media platform TikTok is being used by ISIS to recruit followers to carry out terrorist attacks in the West. An investigation by The Sun found “dozens of accounts on the social network, which is popular with children, posting ISIS propaganda and inciting hatred against non-Muslims.” Content included in the videos included calls urging supporters to carry out mass-casualty terrorist attacks over Christmas. One of the videos posted this week urged supporters to launch mass-casualty terrorist attacks in the West during the Christmas holidays. The video features moody background sounds and starts by describing Christmas as “the celebration of the

Knoxville Resident Arrested for Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS.

Knoxville resident Benjamin Alan Carpenter, also known as “Abu Hamza,” was arrested on March 24, 2021, for “attempting to provide material support and resources” to the “designated foreign terrorist organization” the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). A federal grand jury indictment was returned on the case, thus causing his arrest, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).  On April 5, 2021, a detention hearing was held for the 31-year-old Carpenter, with the verdict still pending, and his trial is set for June 1, 2021, before United States District Judge Katherine A. Crytzer.  Carpenter is a US citizen and

NY Times Podcast Relied On Interviews With Fake Terrorist

The New York Times was forced to retract the core of award-winning podcast “Caliphate” after it was revealed the series relied on the words of an alleged ISIS fighter under investigation for lying about his involvement with the terrorist group. The Times failed to heed several warnings that the man who played a central role in the series, Shehroze Chaudhry, was not telling the truth. Many journalists, notably Erik Wemple of The Washington Post and Hassan Hassan of Newlines magazine, questioned the accuracy of the journalist’s, Rukmini Callimachi, reporting and reliance on Chaudhry. The podcast, which was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and won a

Portland Man Convicted Of ‘Providing Material Support To ISIS’

A Portland resident, Hawazen Sameer Mothafar, was found guilty of  “providing material support to ISIS.” According to the Department of Justice, Mothafar “produced and distributed ISIS propaganda and recruiting materials that he created and edited in coordination with official ISIS media operatives located overseas,” “produced, edited, and distributed a number of publications and articles including “Effective Stabbing Techniques,” which provided detailed guidance on how to best kill and maim a target in a knife attack, a tutorial on using explosive ignition devices entitled “How Does a Detonator Work,” along with “propaganda that encouraged readers to carry out attacks in their home

BREAKING: ISIS Celebrates, American Leaders Mourn London Terrorist Attack

Four innocent people are dead in London after a terrorist used a vehicle to run over dozens of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge right outside of the Houses of Parliament. After stopping his vehicle, the terrorist lashed out violently, fatally stabbing one police officer before being gunned down by other officers on the scene. According to The Sun, a publication in the United Kingdom, ISIS “fanatics” took to social media in the aftermath of the attack to celebrate: The terror fanatics dubbed the Nice and Berlin copycat attack “revenge” for the UK strikes in Mosul, Iraq calling it “blood for blood”. 3)

Rubio and Russell Moore Team Up, Demand Obama Acknowledge Christian Genocide Too

Kudos to Sen. Marco Rubio for teaming up with Southern Baptist leading thinker Russell Moore to demand Pres. Obama acknowledge the Christian genocide taking place in the Middle East. Of course, it is not just Christians; other minority religions are being persecuted too. But the word is that the Obama White House is balking at including Christians in the designation of victims of genocide: “Reports suggest that the State Department is ready to designate the Islamic State’s terror against the Yazidis as genocide, which it clearly is, but they might not to do so for equally embattled Christian communities,” Rubio

Just Who Is ISIS Really Featuring in Recruiting Videos?

There was a Democrat debate over the weekend. Did you notice? Many pundits commented on the fact that the timing of the debate — competing with the newest Star Wars movie and the last weekend of Christmas shopping — seemed designed to keep viewership low and to protect Hillary Clinton’s status as the Democrat front runner. Not surprisingly, Saturday’s debate had the lowest ratings of any debate — Democrat or Republican — held in 2015. The candidates talked a lot about GOP front runner Donald Trump. In fact, it was a comment about Trump that got most of the post-debate

Obama’s Religious Test: Christians Don’t Count

Barack Obama says it is un-American to have a religious test in our refugee policy. But as we have pointed out, American law already states that we must have a religious test in deciding whether a certain group is in danger and should be given sanctuary. Here’s a quote right from the State Department’s web site about U.S. refugee policy: Under U.S. law, a refugee must have a well-founded fear of persecution based on one of the five ‘protected grounds’: Religion, Political opinion, Race, Nationality, Membership in a particular social group. Notice the very first category of “protected grounds” —