REVEALED: ‘Summer of Love’ Mayor Jenny Durkan Slammed ‘Right Wing’ Occupiers in 2016: ‘Conspiracy, AR-15s, Trashed Property’ – Sound Familiar?

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan described her city’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest area as having a “block party atmosphere” and reminiscent of the “summer of love” while slamming people who seized a government-owned wildlife refuge for “not respecting” and “trashing” the territory in 2016. Durkan’s unearthed comments from an NPR interview reveal a clear double standard: Commenting on the occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR) in 2016, where armed people seized the area’s headquarters in opposition to the federal government’s ownership of the land, Durkan heavily criticized the individuals involved. In short, so-called right wingers tried to accomplish Capitol Hill