One of These Media Headlines Is Not Like the Others

Numbers are just numbers, right? If you don’t think that the media can spin anything to fit a narrative, just take a look at these three headlines on yesterday’s job report numbers: While CNN focused on the positives — they must have


More Bad News in June Jobs Report

In recent months, analysts have been pointing to a supposedly improved job situation for workers. Voluntary minimum wage increases at companies like Walmart allegedly pointed to an upward movement in wages due to increased competition. Workers purportedly were feeling more secure in their


Another Jobs Report, Another Disappointment

The headlines today don’t tell the whole story. While 223,000 new jobs in April sound like a positive development for our economy, the cold, harsh reality is that millions of Americans are still struggling to find work—and those who are lucky enough


More Americans Not Working

While most of the media is praising the February jobs report, highlighting 295,000 jobs added and a dip in the unemployment rate to 5.5 percent, it is clear that the true numbers do not demonstrate an economic recovery. From CNS News: The