Bolton Book: Trump Wanted ‘Asylum And Citizenship’ For South African Farmers After Spate of Racially-Motivated Murders

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton has revealed that President Trump was keen on granting persecuted, white South African farmers “asylum and citizenship” in a 2019 meeting, while Bolton was trying to convince the President to start a new war in the Middle East. The buried comments come from Bolton’s new book describing a National Security Council meeting in response to Iran striking two pumping stations on a Saudi oil pipeline in May 2019: When Dunford tried to get more specific on what we might do and when in response to an Iranian attack, Trump said the Gulf Arabs could pay.

FLASHBACK: Bolton Lauded Trump For ‘Reversing’ Previous Presidents ‘Surrendering’ To China

While former National Security Adviser John Bolton is determined to cast President Trump as soft on China – leaking portions of his forthcoming memoir alleging his boss sought assistance from China in the 2020 election – Bolton insisted that President Trump had “reversed” previous administrations’ “surrender” to China at a 2019 Wall Street Journal Chief Financial Officer Conference. The infamous war hawk and controversial Trump appointee discussed U.S. cybersecurity initiatives with Wall Street Journal Associate Editor John Bussey at the conference. Given China’s frequent hacks directed at U.S. corporates and theft of intellectual property, the conversation centered on the country.