BLOOD MONEY: CNN, NBC, etc Paid BLM/Antifa Activist Who Broke into Capitol on Jan 6 $77,000

John Sullivan – the founder of a left-wing activist group – received $77,000 from various media outlets including CNN and NBC for his footage of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt being shot at the U.S. Capitol. Facing criminal charges for his involvement in the riots, Sullivan was forced to disclose payments he received for the footage of Babbit being fatally shot by a Capitol police officer. Among the media companies that paid Sullivan were CNN, NBC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and Left/Right Productions. CNN and NBC each paid $35,000, ABC paid $2,500, and Left/Right Productions paid $5,000. “Defendant is legitimately self-employed

EXTRAORDINARY: Chat Logs Reveal Alleged Plan to Turn Trump Rally into Violent Riot

Screenshots from a Discord chat channel allegedly hosted by John Sullivan – a far-left, anti-Trump activist who appears to have incited violence at the U.S. Capitol while posing as a journalist – reveal he and his followers infiltrated the January 6th Save America March in Washington, D.C. The unearthed screenshots follow Sullivan’s arrest for his role in the Capitol riot, which included calls to violence such as “we gotta get this shit burned” and “it’s our house motherf*ckers,” an affidavit can reveal. The Discord chat channel is allegedly affiliated with Sullivan’s Insurgence USA group, which describes itself as “forming a

CNN Promoted Charged Leftist Rioter Who Masqueraded as Reporter Despite No Credentials, Urged Assault on Capitol

Following the U.S. Capitol riot, CNN promoted the work of “journalist” John Sullivan despite him lacking any credentials and ultimately being arrested for his role in inciting the deadly protests. CNN bought into Sullivan’s claims he attended the January 6th rally to “record” the events that transpired – despite affidavits revealing he incited violence by exclaiming “we gotta get this shit burned” while inside the building and “we did this together” after breaching the last barricade before entering Anderson Cooper hosted Sullivan as a guest on his show to describe the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, as Sullivan had managed to