Chris Christie Is Not Telling the Truth about Religious Liberty

If Chris Christie now supports religious exemptions for marriage clerks – that is good. But he is misleading Iowans, in the exact way Americans hate career politicians, if he says he has always supported them or Kim Davis. Straight-talking is a precious resource. I welcome Chris Christie to the circle of those who are willing to provide religious accommodations for gay marriage dissenters. But if he really is willing, why won’t he provide them for marriage clerks in New Jersey? And why has he refused to support FADA, which protects gay marriage dissenters from discrimination by the federal government? Here’s

Worst Kasich Scenario for Religious Liberty

There are plenty of GOP presidential candidates competing hard for the social conservative vote. Governor John Kasich hasn’t been one of them. Since entering the race, the Buckeye leader has done his best to keep his distance from core values — until recently, when, like the rest of the country, he realized just how influential this half of the primary voting bloc is. It was a wake-up call that coincided (not-so-coincidentally) with the November 3rd election, when voters pushed back on the Left’s radical idea of social change. The political backlash was so stunning that even the media wondered: “Have

Cruz Calls for Justice Anthony Kennedy to Resign

Ted Cruz was on the Steve Deace Show when the subject of Justice Anthony Kennedy came up. Kennedy recently compared the refusal of people like Kim Davis to comply with his gay marriage ruling to the judges who resigned in protest of Nazi Germany. Kind of odd to compare yourself to the Nazi regime, don’t you think? Cruz responded: DEACE: …To compare himself with Nazi Germany – what does that say? CRUZ: Look, Steve, that was stunning. … I thought it was so stunning to have a Supreme Court justice compare his own lawless rulings to the draconian oppression of

Yes, Standing With Kim Davis Helped Matt Bevin in Kentucky

When Rowan County clerk Kim Davis was jailed for her refusal to issue marriage licenses after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision, national Democrats derided her. However, in Kentucky, Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin made a strong stand in defending Ms. Davis’s religious liberty. In a statement, he said: It is utterly unnecessary that Rowan County clerk, Kim Davis, is sitting in a jail cell, when there is a simple solution that would respect the rights of every Kentuckian. I first put this solution forward many weeks ago. Why the cowardly silence from our Attorney General, Jack Conway? Jack Conway violated his

Conservative “Perfect Storm” Delivers Resounding GOP Win in Kentucky

The Kentucky election this week was a “perfect storm” for conservatives. Matt Bevin, a social and fiscal conservative, ran against Jack Conway, a social and fiscal liberal. A number of key factors came into play to secure Bevin the victory: Religious liberty was important because of the Kim Davis ordeal, which rallied and awakened Christians. Planned Parenthood had impact because Bevin is pro-life and Conway is pro-choice. Though not highly publicized, in the days before the election, Planned Parenthood endorsed Conway and engaged in phone calls, hoping to impact the election. Bevin is a political outsider; Conway is a “career” politician.

Bevin’s Shock Kentucky Win Shows Social Issues Help GOP

Just a couple of days ago, the now-elect Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin said, according to The Washington Post, that he had planned to campaign on economic issues, but after Kim Davis and the Planned Parenthood videos, he found voters wanted to hear about social issues: “I hear more about those now as I’m out on the campaign trail than I do about anything else,” he said. Bevin’s upset victory in Kentucky is a victory for Kim Davis, a rebuke to those who say social issues hurt the GOP, and a call for Republicans nationally to support the First Amendment Defense Act.

Kentucky GOP Turns to Kim Davis, Planned Parenthood in Governor’s Race

Tuesday marks Kentucky’s gubernatorial election day, and the contest is coming down to the wire. Republican candidate Matt Bevin is surprised that it isn’t economic issues he’s hearing most about on the campaign trail, but social ones: Republican Matt Bevin planned to emphasize economic issues in his campaign, but he discovered that voters preferred to talk about social issues, including gay marriage and defunding Planned Parenthood. ‘I hear more about those now as I’m out on the campaign trail than I do about anything else,’ he said. ‘This is what moves people.’ The electorate’s keen interest in these issues has

Will Kim Davis Defeat Kentucky Democrat Jack Conway?

Day by day we hear of rallies like this, unreported or underreported by the media. Democrat Jack Conway was up by ten points or more in polling against Matt Bevin, but Kim Davis just may defeat the Kentucky Democratic party.  The race is close enough that the Republican Governors Association just jumped in with $1.6 million in funding in the home stretch. Kim Davis went to jail because the Democratic governor refused to provide any accommodation for clerks under the state RFRA, although the eventual resolution in Rowan County demonstrated how easy it is to provide such an accommodation. This

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