WATCH: UK Health Staff Hurl Scrubs at Downing Street in Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest.

Videos of British National Health Service (NHS) staff protesting the UK’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate are going viral on social media, as thousands of medical professionals descended upon Downing Street this weekend. Upwards of 70,000 NHS staff could lose their jobs from April 1st should they refused to be part of Big Pharma’s experimental trial of the COVID-19 MRNA “vaccine”. NOW – NHS staff are throwing their uniforms in protest of the vaccine mandate at the police outside Downing — (@disclosetv) January 22, 2022 The protests took place throughout London, including outside Downing Street and in Trafalgar Square. The

Cops Arrest Christian Pastor for Reading From the Bible, Citing “Homophobic Comments”.

A 71-year-old Christian pastor and grandfather was arrested in London on the charge of making “homophobic comments” for preaching on what the Bible says about marriage. John Sherwood, pastor of 35 years at an independent evangelical church in north London, was arrested after police officers were told he was “making homophobic comments outside Uxbridge Station in west London.” He was preaching outside the Uxbridge Tube station.  Sherwood said he was bruised by officers who pulled him down from the “mini-stepladder” he was standing on and “cuffed his hands behind his back.” The arrest was made for Sherwood’s “allegedly homophobic comments”

Half of London Uses Chinese Surveillance Systems Inc. Firms Banned for Genocide.

At least half of London’s boroughs rely on Chinese Communist Party-linked surveillance systems. “Freedom of information requests filed in late 2020 with all 32 London councils and the next 20 largest UK city councils found about two-thirds owned technology made by two Chinese companies accused of links to the repression of Uighurs,” Reuters notes. At least 28 councils used technology made by Hikvision, a manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance equipment with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party given its status as a state-owned company. What’s more, the company has been identified by the U.S. Department of Defense as a

Sadiq Khan Blasted for London’s Pro-BLM Fireworks

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has received harsh criticism for his “woke” New Year’s Eve fireworks, which contained tributes to the Black Lives Matter movement and the European Union. The BBC-backed program cost taxpayers a whopping $2,050,950 was kept a mystery by Khan to prevent in-person crowds from gathering to view the fireworks. Occurring on the River Thames, the show contained a host of “woke” messages including several Black Lives Matter (BLM) fists appearing in the sky while George the Poet – who turned down an Order of the British Empire due to the empire’s “pure evil” – read an extract