DATA: Mail-In Ballot Use Down 90% In Georgia.

Voters appear to be rejecting mail-in ballots, with data from early primary states showing significant decreases in Americans relying on the voting method for the 2020 election. The figures come from a new Associated Press report, which noted that “voters in early primary states are returning in droves to in-person voting this year.” In Georgia, which was a hotbed of voter fraud during the 2020 election season, roughly 85,000 voters had requested mail ballots for the May 24th primary. This was down from the nearly 1 million voters who used vote-by-mail in the state’s 2020 primary at the height of

Court Strikes Down Pennsylvania’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Universal Vote-By-Mail Law.

A Pennsylvania court has ruled that a state law allowing for universal vote-by-mail was unconstitutional. A January 28th opinion by Judge Mary Leavitt explains why the court struck down Act 77, which allowed all Pennsylvanians to vote via mail-in-ballots during elections. “As we witnessed in 2020, Act 77 in its current form is susceptible to unconstitutional changes that weaken its election security safeguards. The state Supreme Court unilaterally extended the deadline for mailed ballots to be received and mandated that mail-in ballots lacking a verified signature be accepted. Additionally, the State Department encouraged certain counties to notify party and candidate

One in 12 Mail-In Ballots Rejected In October Election.

One out of every 12 ballots cast in a recent election in Alaska was rejected due to irregularities including postal service errors and voter identity inaccuracies. The latest example of the shortcomings of the fraud-riddled voting method, mail-in ballots were used in the election due to fears of in-person voting prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The October election took place in Juneau and voters were deciding on a mayor, two Assembly members, three school board members, and an extension of a 3 percent sales tax. “Very highly disappointing for both voters and for our office,” City Clerk Beth McEwen, who

Misprints In Over 14,000 Mail-In Ballots Causes Multi-Day Delay In PA Election Results.

Thousands of mail-in primary ballots in a Pennsylvania election contained errors rendering them unable for scanning, forcing officials to launch a multi-day hand count of the votes. “Elections officials said Michigan Elections Resources printed multi-sheet ballots in the wrong order, so the scanners are rejecting those ballots,” local media in Lancaster Country reported. Discovered on Tuesday in the early morning, the error affected 14,000 mail-in ballots and will take three to four days to rectify. “Those are being put in bins by themselves, the rejected bins. They will be put in a secure location and then hopefully starting Friday, as

Voters Mailed Ballots With Incorrect Names, Faulty Instructions For Completion.

A municipal election in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is experiencing a mix-up with thousands of mail-in ballots. Of the 25,500 mail-in ballots requested so far, 2,700 have contained instructions meant for a different county. “They said that their instructions told them they did not need to pay for postage. However their return envelope said they did need to pay for postage,” Chief clerk and chief registrar of the Lancaster County Board of Elections and Registration Commission Christa Miller said. The county attributes the mistake to the vendor Michigan Election Resources, which also sent ballots containing return envelopes with names differing from the

Officials Investigating Mail-In Ballots Cast By Deceased Individuals In 2020 Election.

Officials in Washington are investigating nearly 20 fraudulent mail-in ballots cast in the 2020 general election. Authorities from the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are investigating the ballots believed to have been filed under the names of deceased individuals. The Washington Secretary of State is also involved in the case. Of the 17 ballots flagged for fraudulent activity, eight were caught by election officials in November and nine more were discovered in January. “All ballots in question were filed by voters later found to be dead,” a local news outlet summarized.

Biden-Voting County Sees 5 Charged for Election Fraud.

DuPage County, Illinois filed five election fraud charges against people who voted in the 2020 general election. “In three cases, the defendants tried to cast a ballot for someone other than themselves, according to a statement from the state’s attorney’s office. In two others, the defendants claimed they lived in DuPage County for 30 days prior to the election when in fact they lived elsewhere, prosecutors said,” local news reported. In 2016, the county went 53.1 percent for Hillary Clinton and 38.6 for Donald Trump, and in 2020, similarly went 58 percent for Joe Biden and 39.9 percent for Donald Trump.

Washington Post Owner Admits Mail-In Voting “Disenfranchises,” Says In-Person Creates “Valid, Fair” Election

In response to a forthcoming vote at an American Amazon facility, the company slammed mail-in ballots as “disenfranchising” voters and advocated for in-person voting as the “best approach to a valid, fair and successful election.” The hypocritical comments come as workers at Amazon, whose CEO Jeff Bezos is also the owner of The Washington Post, are voting on whether to form a union. The vote is set to include approximately 6,000 workers from Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama facility. And even with voting numbers considerably smaller than the 2020 presidential election, Amazon spokesperson Heather Knox insisted that in-person voting was superior to mail-in

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