Who is Eric Zemmour? France’s Tucker Carlson Electrifies the Presidential Race.

A second French polling institute has suggested that Eric Zemmour – France’s answer to Fox News host Tucker Carlson – might face Emmanuel Macron in the Presidential election run-off next April. While the French public has been widely aware of the conservative journalist and polemist since the early 2010s, he is beginning to garner international attention. Zemmour – born to a Berber Jewish family that left French North Africa during the Algerian war – grew up in the suburbs of Paris at a time of far fewer immigrants. He began his career as a journalist in the 1980s and quickly

Stop Le Steal: France’s Macron is Quietly Changing Election Dates and Pushing Mail-In Voting to Hold onto Power.

France’s summer was marred by the rollout of a national vaccine passport and the ensuing protests which continue to take place every Saturday across the country. In the midst of this social tension, a politically significant event was given little note. In July, the French Interior Ministry – responsible for organizing national elections – presented the official dates for the upcoming and much anticipated 2022 Presidential election. While every French Presidential election runoff has occurred in early May since 1974, the government, with the approval of the nation’s council of Ministers, opted to advance the dates of the election to

Marine Le Pen ‘Absolutely Does Not Recognize’ Biden Victory

Marine Le Pen, President of France’s National Rally party, “absolutely does not recognize” the election of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden. The leader of the right-wing populist party insisted “justice must be allowed to decide.” “I’m among those who will not congratulate the future president of the United States because I don’t consider the game to be over until we’ve gone into overtime,” she added. In contrast, French President Emmanuel Macron “congratulated” Biden on his victory – projected only by the media. “We’ll have a lot to do together to promote shared priorities – climate, global health, international security –