The Anatomy of a Grifter: How D.C. Lobby Groups & Their Foreign Flunkies Are Lashing Out Against Trump and His Allies, Despite Riding Their Coat Tails.

On November 20th 2022, the viciously left-wing New York Daily News published a rare article by a self-identifying though broadly unknown “conservative” by the name of Grace Bydalek. Finding column inches in storied, national or regional newspapers can be close to impossible for even moderate right-wingers, which is why the recent, scathing column by Bydalek – whose only other outing in the Daily News was to excuse the cover-up of child sexual assault allegations leveled at Michael Jackson – took readers by surprise. Bydalek – described in her byline as a “writer, performer, and administrator” – appears to enjoy the

Day 7 of Biden Regime: Crimate Clisis.

On Day 7 of the Biden-Harris regime, the White House pulled out all the stops to tackle everyday Americans’ biggest concern: climate change. Womp womp. Fighting Climate Change… Absolutely Everywhere. Continuing an historic, dictatorial spree of executive actions, the Biden-Harris White House announced a slew of new steps to make climate change a central consideration in U.S. foreign policy and national security and make “environmental justice” part of the mission of every federal agency. Among the actions: developing the United States’ “nationally determined contribution” under the Paris Climate Accord, establishing the Office of Domestic Climate Policy, a halt on new

Day 6 of Biden Regime: We’ll Circle Back to You on That.

Day 6 of the Biden-Harris regime found the President in high spirits after getting off the phone with Putin, deigning to crack a joke at Peter Doocy of Fox News instead of taking questions from the press. Details of Putin Call Are A Laughing Matter, Apparently. Who said former TV star and repeat SNL host Donald J. Trump was the most entertaining U.S. president of all time? When Fox correspondent Peter Doocy asked President Joe Biden what was discussed on his call with Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin, Biden was all jokes. “You. He sends his best,” the president quipped.

Day 5 for the Biden Regime: Holding China Accountable… Some Other Time.

Day 5 of the Biden-Harris regime: a rebrand for Trump accomplishments, and “strategic patience” for the CCP. Reimposing Trump Travel Ban. Biden reimposed restrictions on most non-U.S. citizens who have recently been to Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and 26 European countries that allow travel across open borders, and added South Africa to the list due to new COVID-19 variants. President Trump imposed similar restrictions, but ordered them lifted during his final days in office. Unlike Trump, Biden will not be accused of xenophobia and fear-mongering for moving to reinstate them. Gender Change Surgery, Hormone Therapy for America’s Fighting Forces.

Day 3 For The Biden Regime: Attacking Brexit, Border Security, and Jobs.

Day three for the Biden regime was more about planning than it was about acting. In short: planning to release a tranche of new executive orders this week, mostly aimed at undoing President Trump’s work to empower America against its enemies, and America’s workers against the mass migration and corporate greed. In other words: making America supplicant again. Phoning Foreign Leaders. President Biden took phone calls with Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico. In the call with Johnson, Biden “noted the importance of cooperation, including through multilateral organizations,” particularly the Group

UK Govt to Implement ‘Mandatory’ Retraining for Public Servants to Love Mass Migration

Britain’s Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has announced that public servants in the United Kingdom will be retrained to “appreciate the history of migration and race,” in what appears to be a stunning abandonment of the anti-multicultural, conservative base that gave Boris Johnson’s government a whopping Parliamentary majority last year. Patel, a supposedly Conservative Member of Parliament, was elected on a pledge that promised to “control immigration.” In her purview as Secretary of State for the Home Office, her policies impact everything from immigration to drug policy, crime, counter-terrorism, and police. Today’s announcement mandates retraining of all Home Office staff to “appreciate