Media Matters Director Admits Running Scams, Wants To “Kill All Men”.

Audrey Bowler, a Social Media Manager at left-wing outlet Media Matters, has shared a litany of anti-male tweets, including declarations of her “love” for “scamming men” and “when men die in movies” along with designing a state seal with “kill all men as the motto.” Bowler, who’s worked at the far-left, Soros-funded group since 2018, is the latest Media Matters employee to be exposed by The National Pulse. Her Twitter account contains a host of derogatory and violent remarks directed towards men. Bowler, for example, insisted she was “getting the state seal done with “kill all men as the motto”

Media Matters Chief Shares ‘Capitalists Lined Up Against the Wall and Shot in the Revolution’ Tweet, Denies Endorsing Violence

Media Matters Editor-at-Large Parker Molloy shared a post from former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo which read: “Me-first capitalists who think you can separate society from business are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution. I’ll happily provide video commentary.” Following a backlash on social media, Molloy – who was born biologically male but “transitioned” in 2012 – has claimed she was not endorsing the call to revolutionary violence, despite originally adding the comment: “Thinking about a world where @dickc was still CEO of Twitter and not @jack“. Molloy, 34, is a