Here’s How Iowa Will Play Out…

Wow. It’s already here. The Iowa Caucus is tomorrow. Here’s a candidate-by-candidate review of what could happen, what should happen, and what will happen after the votes are tallied: Donald Trump Best-case scenario: A strong 1st place finish (35 percent+) Worst-case scenario:


Huckabee’s Failed Attack on Cruz

Mike Huckabee has been a profound and stalwart leader for traditional values, along with Rick Santorum. But his latest attack on Ted Cruz is a big FAIL: GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee joined the growing number of Republicans criticizing rival Ted Cruz by


Did Mike Huckabee Really Say This?

Here’s my take on Mike Huckabee’s recent comments on evangelical leaders over at Caffeinated Thoughts: Buzzfeed reported on an interview that former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee had with Todd Starnes on Fox News Radio. Starnes asked him if he felt betrayed by evangelical leaders

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