POLL: Are Millennials Turning Against Religious Freedom?

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” reads the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. However, according to a new poll, fewer than half of millennials aged 18-29 said they believe these protections should extend to every religion. The poll, conducted by the Newseum Institute, found that while more than 60 percent of every other age group supported freedom for all religions, only 49 percent of 18-29 year olds did. “It’s … troubling that even people who support the First Amendment in the abstract often dislike it when it’s applied

More Young Men Live with Parents than Wife, Says New Study

A new Census study shows one out of three millennials (age 18-34) are living with their parents. The majority of Americans (55 percent) no longer see getting married or having a child as an important marker of adulthood status. Only 26 percent see not living in your parents’ home as “very important” to adult status. In 1975, adults under 35 were twice as likely to be living with a spouse as living with mom and/or dad. Today, living with one’s parents is the most common living arrangement of the 35-and-under crowd. And men are leading the trend, being 12 percentage

Sorry Liberals. Millennials Aren’t Communists — Not Even Close

In a recent article in The Daily Beast, Joel Kotkin argues that millennials “battered by capitalism” could be the future “red generation.” Unfortunately for those yearning for the United States to look like Venezuela, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth — millennials will be among the most radical, free market capitalists the world has ever seen. The evidence supporting this claim is exceedingly obvious — millennials, every day, vote against Big Government with their money. And why wouldn’t they? Does anyone really believe that a generation demanding services which are fast, cheap, and convenient will have any tolerance

Memo to Trump and Clinton: Use Tough Love to Win the Millennials

The Millennial Vote is being treated like a Magical Unicorn in the 2016 election. It is seen as something valuable and mysterious. As Dan Schwabel, at Quartz, in a piece modestly entitled The complete guide to winning the millennial vote this election recently noted: As we head into November’s US elections, all candidates are vying for the millennial vote—and for good reason. Millennials are … a critical bloc for any campaign. 69.2 million are now eligible to vote, which is more than double compared to the past decade. When added together with Gen-X voters, 2016 represents the first time young

Can Trump Challenge Hillary Among Millennials?

As Paul noted, Donald Trump has been surging in recent head-to-head polls between himself and Hillary Clinton. The latest ABC/Washington Post poll, which shows Trump leading Clinton by two points, indicates that Trump is closing the gap within a very interesting demographic: millennial voters, or in this case, voters 18-29 years of age. Back in March, the last time this poll was conducted, Clinton was beating Trump 50 percent to 41 percent overall. In that same poll, Clinton was running the table with millennials, winning that demographic 64 percent to 25 percent. However, in the May edition of the poll released

New Poll: Fear for Religious Freedom Surges Among Christian Millennials

A new Barna poll commissioned by Alliance Defending Freedom finds a large increase in Americans’ concerns about religious freedom. Forty-one percent of Americans overall say religious freedom is getting worse, compared to 33 percent who were concerned in 2012. But concerns are concentrated among practicing Christian millennials, who are growing up in the midst of liberal-dominated cultures after gay marriage: 56 percent of young practicing Christian adults now say they are “very concerned” about the future of religious freedom, up from 19 percent in 2012. But even atheists and agnostics report more concerns about the future of religious liberty now than

Renee Elmers’ Two Percent Solution

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) became the face of Republican timidity when she publicly justified torpedoing a quick vote in January on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, also known as the 20-week bill. She will reap the whirlwind, but it is the House Republican leadership which deserves the blame for this betrayal. Why are GOP elites so squeamish about voting against late-term abortion?   It is telling that Rep. Ellmers’ and others’ decision to torpedo a late-term abortion ban came just after a retreat the leadership organized for GOP House members featuring demographer Neil Howe (who coined the term “millennials”) and focused on