Amid Chinese Threat to Cut Rare Mineral Exports, U.S. Should Start Mining Its Own

Stocks were rocked yesterday after China’s People’s Daily newspaper published an editorial warning that China could restrict exports of rare earth minerals if trade tensions continue escalating. This threat spooked markets because rare earth minerals are critical components of everything from smart phones to batteries to defense technologies — and the U.S. is highly reliant on China for them. In light of this ace-up-China’s-sleeve during trade negotiations, it is prudent to revisit a recent study by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity on America’s mineral resources. As the report notes, America is uniquely and abundantly blessed with rare and critical earth

An ‘America First’ Mining Policy Would Counter Russia, China

The Trump White House has poured much energy into making America more economically competitive with China. Yet while much of these efforts have been directed at changing China’s domestic policies from abroad, one secret for improving American competitiveness is lying right under our feet: harnessing America’s mineral resources. A new report authored by Dr. Ned Mamula, a geologist and author (along with Ann Bridges) of the book Groundbreaking! America’s New Quest for Mineral Independence, makes the compelling case for an ‘America First’ mining policy to strengthen America’s economic and national security interests. The report notes that while America led the world