Anti-Vaxx Mandate Song ‘More Of Us’ Deboosted from YouTube.

Award-winning Canadian musician and journalist Matt Brevner’s new song ‘More Of Us’ has been de-boosted for marketing by YouTube and Google. “More of Us” is a melodic, hip-hop track focused on calling out the medical tyranny spreading out across Canada, but does not incite any violence, spread misinformation, or anything that Google and YouTube could argue is “not advertiser friendly.” The song was inspired by Brevner’s Christian faith and his desire to do something positive and pro-freedom. In the past year, Canada has banned the gathering of large groups of people in order to help stop the spread of “misinformation,”


EXCLUSIVE: Download ‘Take Down The CCP’ Song by Miles Guo

Chinese dissident Miles Guo is now fighting the Chinese Communist Party with culture. His latest single, ‘Take Down the CCP’ is available for download now. You can download the ‘Take Down the CCP’ single by Miles Guo on iTunes, here: On Spotify, here: And via the War Room download link, here.