Ignore the Spin: Liberal Bullies Failed in North Carolina

The spin has begun from the results of the North Carolina governor’s race. Even as the votes are still being counted, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is suggesting that Governor Pat McCrory’s tight re-election race should warn Georgia officials against pursuing religious-freedom legislation in


Need for Religious Freedom Not Going Away

My piece on Georgia’s religious freedom legislation at the Columbia County News-Times: Just as the Supreme Court thought it had resolved the abortion debate 44 years ago, so apparently Gov. Nathan Deal thought he had put to bed the religious-freedom issue with


Georgia Deserves a Better ‘Deal’

Why is Gov. Deal siding with corporate bullies over Georgians of faith? Governor Nathan Deal drew national attention [last] week when he vetoed HB 757, a bill that would have protected Georgians’ free exercise of religion against infringement by state or local


A Tale of Two Governors

Here’s tale of two governors. One is a tale of courage. The other is a tale of cowardice. Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina recently signed legislation that overturned a Charlotte city ordinance that allowed men who claimed to be women to


New Religious Liberty Fighter Emerges in Georgia

On Monday, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed the Free Exercise Protection Act, House Bill 757, following intense pressure and dishonest rhetoric from corporate bullies and the political left. Disney, Salesforce, and Apple all publicly criticized the bill, and corporate mainstays like Delta and Coca-Cola,