Fox: National Pulse “Bombshell” Links Daszak, Google, and COVID Origins.

Fox News credited The National Pulse’s “bombshell” exposés on Peter Daszak and Google’s funding of Daszak’s research for revealing the corruption behind COVID-19’s origins. Fox News Primetime’s host said, “…for nearly a year Google has been working overtime to keep us from uncovering the true origins of Covid-19, and we may now be learning why… The same guy that may have played a crucial role in creating the novel coronavirus was in charge of finding its cause.” He went on to explain Google’s connection, saying, “A bombshell report out by The National Pulse reveals that for over a decade,

Episode 41: EXC: FBI Raids Alaska Spa Seeking Pelosi’s Laptop, Owners Reveal!

Raheem Kassam is joined by Paul and Marilyn Hueper after their home was raided by the FBI on Wednesday, April 28th. The FBI claimed they were looking for Pelosi’s laptop after the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol. Marilyn and Paul – owners of the Homer Inn and Spa – detail the FBI kicking down their door in a case of “mistaken identity.” Make sure you’re subscribed on a podcast app and leave us a review! 

Survey: 95% of Readers Believe Joe Biden is Unfit to Govern.

Just three percent of National Pulse readers believe Joe Biden is capable of exercising the powers of the Office of The President, with a whopping 95 percent stating they believe the U.S. Commander in Chief unfit to govern. The readers’ survey – found at the bottom of all National Pulse articles – surveyed a total of 16,302 people. The news comes as rumors in Washington, D.C. circulate about the Vice President’s new nickname: Kamala “Heiress.” In March 2021, President Biden fell up the stairs while boarding Air Force One, three times in a row. He has repeatedly avoided holding press

SCALP: National Pulse Reporting Leads To Resignation of Woke Teen Vogue Editor.

A National Pulse report revealing “woke” journalist Alexi McCammond violating left-wing standards on cultural appropriation led to her resignation from Teen Vogue. National Pulse reporting on McCammond’s Native American costume at a Halloween party followed a host of “anti-Asian and homophobic” tweets from McCammond, formerly a reporter at Axios. As The New York Times describes, company executives weren’t aware of the image until publication by a “right-wing website” – The National Pulse: Although the company was aware of the racist tweets, it did not know about the homophobic tweets or a photo, also from 2011, that was recently published by a right-wing

Twitter Suspends Kassam AGAIN After Mocking Biden YouTube Audience Size.

Twitter suspended the account of National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam for mocking the size of President Biden’s YouTube audience. The latest in a recent string of temporary suspensions of his account, Kassam’s offending tweet focused on the small audience watching the event “President Biden delivers remarks on the American Rescue Plan.” Three people are waiting for Biden to speak on livestream this afternoon. — Raheem J. Kassam (@RaheemKassam) March 6, 2021 Kassam later added to the thread: “Remember, they claim he got 81 MILLION votes. Honeslty I’m starting to believe he didn’t get 18 MILLION.” As a result, Twitter

Mark Levin Praises The ‘Great’ National Pulse, Reads Site ‘Morning, Noon, and Night’

Conservative radio host Mark Levin called The National Pulse a “great new site” while referencing the outlet’s coverage of the media’s routine distortion of election polls, adding he reads the site “morning, noon, and night.” The remarks came from Levin’s October 5th show, where he discussed the media’s manipulation of election polling and the historical accuracy of polls during the run up to the 2020 election. Dubbed “The Great One,” Levin gave a shoutout to the National Pulse, calling it a “great new site”: “This is a great new site. I want to encourage you to take a look at