Netherlands Fines TikTok €750,000 Over Privacy Violation.

Data protection authorities in the Netherlands fined popular China-tied social media service TikTok €750,000 on Thursday on the grounds that TikTok violated the privacy of young Dutch children. The Netherlands’ Data Protection Authority (DPA) specifically cited the fact that the app installation information, including the privacy statement, for TikTok was in English, making is difficult for young Dutch children to assess the information. “By not offering their privacy statement in Dutch, TikTok failed to provide an adequate explanation of how the app collects, processes and uses personal data,” the DPA said in a statement. “This is an infringement of privacy

House GOP Makes Right Move in Rejecting Assisted Suicide

Republicans in the House Oversight Committee voted yesterday to block D.C.’s rapidly advancing move towards legalizing assisted suicide in the District. Though the District of Columbia has the right to elect its own city officials and pass its own laws, Congress retains the ability to veto any of the city’s legislation, if a vote can be achieved to do so. Despite the criticism they might receive (and are currently receiving) from D.C. citizens, Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz and his fellow Republicans are right to thwart this misguided policy. Legislation such as this opens the door to abuse. How do we