EXCLUSIVE: Obama Lawyers Fund ‘Transition Integrity’ Group Which Claims to be ‘Non-Partisan’, Tied to Hunter Biden

The National Pulse can reveal the oft-described “non-partisan” Transition Integrity Project – an organization claiming to work to defend the integrity of America’s November elections – has links to former President Barack Obama, being funded by an organization led by Obama-era lawyers and over 20 Obama White House staff. The critical connection comes through President Obama’s former associate White House Counsel, Ian Bassin, who heads the anti-Trump litigation efforts Protect Democracy Project and United to Protect Democracy. Bassin previously headed the far-left Avaaz network, founded in turn by the leftist MoveOn.org group, as well as the Truman National Security Project, which has


CANNON: Never-Trumper David French Picks Half a Million Abortions Over Trump Being Re-Elected… Seriously.

Over the past week the Republican National Convention has done more to highlight the horror of abortion than any major party convention in history. In addition to the appearance of Nick Sandmann — the pro-life teen excoriated by the media for having the audacity to show up to the March for Life, wear a Trump hat, and smile — the convention included a stirring speech from pro-life activist and former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson. Johnson described in vivid detail the evils of the abortion industry: their anti-black, eugenic roots; abortion quotas; the rooms in clinics “where infant corpses

Hagerty Campaign Chief Called Trump a ‘Problem’, Prone to ‘Farcical Fits’, And Instructed GOP Candidates To Only ‘Grab Onto Anti-Washington Populism’ For Votes

Tennessee Senate hopeful Bill Hagerty’s senior campaign chief, Ward Baker, is a ‘Never Trumper,’ striving to obstruct the Republican Party from adopting a populist platform while working for a host of establishment Republicans including Mitt Romney, The National Pulse can reveal. Similar to Hagerty – an establishment Republican who favored Jeb Bush in the 2016 Republican primary and now purports to be a Trump-style populist – Baker served as a Senior Advisor to the presidential campaign of notorious Never Trumper Mitt Romney. Baker’s firm Majority Strategies also received over $4,120,500 from the candidate for direct mail services over the course


EXCLUSIVE: Soros, Gates-Linked Election ‘Integrity’ Group Falsifies ‘Bipartisan’ Claims While War-Gaming How Biden Could Seize Power Even if Trump Wins

The Transition Integrity Project – which bills itself as a bulwark against President Trump’s refusal to concede the 2020 election – is founded by a Board Member of George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and A Vice President of the Chinese Communist Party-linked Berggruen Institute, the National Pulse can exclusively reveal. The Transition Integrity Project (TIP) appears to be another establishment-sanctioned offensive to nullify the Trump presidency akin to impeachment and the Russian collusion hoax. Now, however, TIP’s paramount concern is President Trump’s refusal to relinquish the presidency should Democratic candidate Joe Biden win given the potential for a botched election

Bill Hagerty Maxed Out Donations To John McCain At Peak Of Trump Feud

Tennessee Senate wannabe Bill Hagerty donated to John McCain’s SuperPAC at the peak of the late Senator’s feud with then-candidate Trump, symbolic of Hagerty’s establishment Republican views he’s now trying to conceal. It’s the latest evidence proving the Romney and Bush campaign staffer’s sudden pro-Trump, anti-establishment shift is not rooted in support for the president’s populist agenda but rather calculated for votes. The news is in addition to the fact Hagerty’s first choice in the 2016 presidential race was Jeb Bush, followed by Marco Rubio, and he worked for Never Trump Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, using his position to garner