Is South Carolina a Must-Win for Ted Cruz?

Must Ted Cruz win the February 20th South Carolina primary in order to have a clear path to the Republican nomination? In a word, no. While a distant second to Donald Trump could prove catastrophic, that is highly unlikely. Cruz need only

Is Hillary in Trouble After Losing N.H.? (VIDEO)

Frank Cannon is president of the American Principles Project and a respected conservative political strategist with over 30 years of experience. I think the interesting thing is [Hillary Clinton] has exacerbated the loss [in New Hampshire]. Her husband Bill Clinton has exacerbated

After New Hampshire: Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz

I want to take a look at each of the candidates in the Republican presidential field following Donald Trump’s rout in the First in the Nation primary state of New Hampshire. In a nutshell, I believe the race effectively comes down to

Three Things to Watch For in N.H.

We correctly predicted the story out of Iowa would be Marco Rubio, as this Vox article details about his virtual tie with Donald Trump: What happened next? There was a massive wave of media coverage about how “Marco Rubio was the real

New Hampshire Decides — Four Things to Watch For

So now it comes down to the voters of New Hampshire. Despite the “Live Free or Die” motto, New Hampshire Republicans are not especially libertarian. They are just among the most moderate of Republicans. After Iowa’s disproportionately evangelical voters weighed in and

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