Victors Of Mail-In Ballot Election Indicted For Stealing, Faking Votes.

Four men were indicted by New Jersey’s Attorney General for mail-in ballot fraud. The charges come from a May 12th, 2020 special election in the city of Paterson, which was conducted entirely by mail-in ballots. Among the individuals charged are Councilman Michael Jackson and Councilman Alex Mendez. “It is alleged that Jackson and Mendez violated state election laws as candidates by approaching one or more voters in Paterson in the districts where they were running and collecting their official mail-in ballots for delivery to the Passaic County Board of Elections. It is further alleged that these mail-in ballots were delivered

12,000 Jersey Shore Ballots Returned As ‘Undeliverable’

New Jersey has seen more than 12,000 ballots sent to its voters that have been returned as “undeliverable.” Voting officials note these ballots have been sent to counties including Monmouth and Ocean that comprise the Jersey Shore area. “Just talking about the manpower, the postage, the printing costs, it is tremendously difficult. And the post office in New Jersey has never handled this many ballots, and the Board of Elections has never received this many ballots,” a voting official remarked. READ MORE HERE.

Overlooked Elections from Tuesday Provide Some Surprises

All eyes on Tuesday were on marquee races of the 2019 general elections in Virginia, Kentucky, and Mississippi. In Virginia, another blue wave devastated the GOP. In Kentucky, the incumbent Republican governor trails in a race that’s too close to call, while Republicans handily swept other statewide races on the ballot. Republicans also swept the statewide races in Mississippi. But elections in New Jersey and a handful of ballot initiatives have been overlooked. And there’s one more election coming up next week. In Tucson, Ariz., a strong majority rejected a ballot measure which would have declared it a sanctuary city. Tucson,

Four States Are Voting Tomorrow — Here’s What to Watch For

Four states have elections this Tuesday. Some of them could be early bellwethers for the 2020 elections. Here’s what you need to know about these elections and why you should care even if you don’t live in one of the four states. Virginia Virginia has some of the most important races of the year. The entire state legislature is up for re-election, and the future of the state hangs in the balance as Republicans cling to a 21-19 majority in the state Senate and a 51-49 majority in the state House after a blue wave took out many Republicans in 2017.

Whose Children? Challenges to Parental Rights Multiply

Earlier this month, New Jersey became the latest state to institute a policy threatening parental rights — adding to a growing nationwide hostility to the already fragile institution of the family. The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) recently amended their existing anti-discrimination policy with the “Transgender Student Guidance for School Districts.” The guidance, among other things, instructs schools to use the preferred pronouns and names of students without the permission, or even awareness, of students’ parents. In order to manage this policy, schools are keeping two separate files for students: one with students’ birth names and genders which parents

New Jersey Tells Its Residents to Pay Up or Get Lost

This week, New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy and State Senate President Steve Sweeney cemented themselves as the ‘Shaq and Kobe’ of bad economic policy when they ushered in massive new tax hikes on Garden State residents. This deal, which was struck despite much political posturing by Sweeney against such a tax hike, will go down as a historic mistake made by New Jersey’s government. The Wall Street Journal reports: Governor Phil Murphy and State Senate leader Steve Sweeney have been fighting over whether to raise tax rates on individuals or businesses, and over the weekend they decided to raise taxes on

Why Is This State Banning Moms from Selling Home-Baked Goods?

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. In her Liberty Minute entitled “Moving the State,” Helen Krieble talks about an interesting story which bears some resemblance to a legal battle currently being fought in New Jersey: A young man in Kentucky helped his sister move and realized that might be a good living. So he and a friend posted an ad on Craigslist, and the new moving business took off. Before long, they had five trucks and thirty employees. But then, the state stepped in requiring a

How Will Republicans Fare in 2018? Keep an Eye on This New Jersey Race…

Despite the excellent budget put forward by President Trump last year, federal spending continues to flow in a business-as-usual manner — much to the frustration of taxpayers. The Republican Congress has continued the unfortunate trend of passing numerous, short-term continuing resolutions (CRs) to fund the government (albeit, in part due to the challenge of achieving 60 votes in the Senate). These continuing resolutions do little to serve the interest of taxpayers nor our military which desires a stable and predictable allocation of funds for the future. The most recent continuing resolution, passed by Congress yesterday, will fund the government for