PALM BEACH, Florida – With no sense of introspection, nor irony, the National Review has again made its feeble case against Donald Trump, for the 400th time in a row, all the while alleging that it is the 45th President of the United States, rather than National Review, that sounds like a broken record. For their dwindling readership, the Review proffers clapped out arguments about the importance of the norms of Washington, D.C., the meanness of Trump’s tweets, and the already debunked notion that Trump himself was secretly the campaign manager for every mid term elections and should therefore be blamed

NEW: The National Pulse Announces World Economic Forum Investigative Priority and Dedicated Site.

PALM BEACH, Florida – The National Pulse is announcing a new investigative priority surrounding the work of the World Economic Forum, as well as launching a new public information website: Founded in 1971 by German economist Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum (WEF) is an unaccountable, non-governmental organization which convenes meetings of world leaders in Davos, Switzerland, with a view to impacting policy decisions on behalf of its members: predominantly multi-national corporations and politicians. The group has been criticized for its stated aims of transforming or “resetting” global society for the benefit of private corporations rather than the public.

USA Today Becomes the Latest American News Outlet to Promote Pedophilia.

USA Today is following in the footsteps of fellow far-left media outlets like CNN by posting articles in support of leniencies for pedophiles in North America. In a series of now-deleted Tweets, USA Today Life posted links to an article first entitled “What the public keeps getting wrong about pedophilia”. Um… — Raheem J. Kassam (@RaheemKassam) January 11, 2022 After people on Twitter responded with disgust and outrage to the borderline pro-pedophilia article, USA Today renamed the article, “The complicated research behind pedophilia.” Hi @USAToday! Why did you change the headline on your pedophile article? — Jack Posobiec

The Trump Effect: CNN Loses Nearly 1/4th of Its Viewership.

Since 2017, CNN has experienced a nearly 25 percent decrease in viewers who “regularly” go to the network for news, figures from Rasmussen Reports reveal. The survey found that just 25% of likely U.S. Voters count CNN as their primary news source. Cross tabs reveal that this figure represents a decrease of 22 percentage points from May 2021 to May 2017. The phenomenon was particularly pronounced among Independents and Republicans. In the same time period, the percent of Republican who regularly consumed news from CNN fell from 40 to 9 percent, and for Independents, fell from 47 to 21 percent.

EXC: Washington Post Refuses to Officially Retract Fake Georgia Fraud Trump Quote.

Following recent revelations of glaring falsehoods reported by The Washington Post, the Bezos-owned paper has told The National Pulse it will not retract the fake news item. This week, the world learned of how The Washington Post published a false story, relying on a single source of information which turned out to be untrue. The story concerned the major, national news of President Trump making a phone call to Georgia State representatives regarding election fraud. Democrat Party officials relied on the fake news report to form the second impeachment case against Donald J. Trump. The Post’s refusal to retract should

ABC, PBS Refuse On-Air Retraction Of Fake ‘Find The Fraud’ Trump Call.

Despite ABC and PBS amplifying the fake Washington Post story about President Trump pressuring election investigators to “find the fraud” on air, the networks have refused to cover the story’s retraction. “With the rest of the media scrambling to make the corrections in their online copies of the story, ABC News and PBS, who talked about the now-debunked order on-air, refused to give corresponding corrections to their viewers Monday,” Newsbusters notes. On ABC’s Good Morning America program, correspondent Elwyn Lopez repeated the claims of the corrected Washington Post story on January 10th: And the President’s false claims of voter fraud continue to

WaPo Finally Admits Trump DIDN’T Incite Riot With Speech… ‘Planned in Advance’

The Washington Post has finally made the admission that President Trump did not incite the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, now reporting that the attack was “planned days in advance.” The report is buried in the “local” and “legal” sections of the Washington Post website, as archived by The National Pulse here. Written by three non-political reporters, the Washington Post story illustrates just how out of control the blatant misinformation about “incitement” by the President has been over the past two weeks. WaPo reported: “Self-styled militia members from Virginia, Ohio and other states made plans to storm the

Drudge Still Sinking, Sends Bizarre Celebratory Tweet

The Drudge Report continues to sink in traffic rankings, with the scarcely-used verified Matt Drudge Twitter account seemingly celebrating receiving only two-thirds of the traffic the anti-Trump site received as far back as 2012. Eight years ago, the Drudge Report celebrated “over a billion” page views. That number, according to Matt Drudge’s own tweet, is now under 700 million. The site changed editorial tone over the past four years, stabbing President Trump in the back and being competed against by more patriotic alternatives such as Citizen Free Press, The Bongino Report, Revolver, Populist.Press, Bannon’s WarRoom, The Liberty Daily, and WhatFinger.

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