Far Left Mayor Demands Removal of Private, Iwo Jima Flag-Raising Mural.

The Democratic Mayor of Salem, Oregon – Chuck Bennett – has ordered the removal of a private business owner’s mural depicting the iconic, patriotic flag-raising at Iwo Jima during WWII. The mural is painted on the side of Valley Roofing in Salem, Oregon, which is privately owned by local businessman Jon Taylor. Taylor commissioned the mural from local artist Mario Jr. DeLeon. Many of Taylor’s friends and family have served in the U.S. military, and the piece was designed to honor them and other Americans who have and are currently serving. Local veterans said of Taylor, “[he] does a lot

REVEALED: Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown Has Long-Standing Ties to Chinese Communist Influence Groups.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has participated in events sponsored by Chinese Communist Party propaganda groups flagged by the U.S. State Department for “directly and malignly influenc[ing]” American officials, The National Pulse can reveal. The unearthed Chinese Communist Party links follow Oregon Democrats calling for the cancellation of an upcoming event featuring The National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters due to the site’s promotion of “China-centric conspiracy theories” and “toxic beliefs.” The Oregon Democratic Party is attempting to ban China-focused news reporters while one of the party’s most high-profile members – Governor Kate Brown – recently established links with one

Here Comes Big Brother: Home Visiting Laws Threaten Parental Rights Nationwide

Now that researchers and the staunchest proponents of the progressive nanny state are starting to admit that government preschool programs are failing to improve academic achievement for poor children, the big-government Left is joining with the corporate establishment to expand the even more invasive and still unsuccessful idea of home visiting. Bills are being pushed to do so in deep blue states like Minnesota, Oregon and Washington — plus, as documented by Cheri Kiesecker, in other states like Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire and New Mexico. The many problems with these programs have been documented in-depth at The Federalist and in

Home Visits to New Parents in Oregon: Useful Resource or Government Overreach?

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has made universal home visits one of her priorities in her proposed budget. She has earmarked $4 million for the program, and Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen said that the program is not just for parents who are in trouble. “This isn’t something for people in trouble. This is stuff all kids need. Stuff my kids needed,” Allen told the Beaverton Valley Times. The $4 million is a beginning investment into a six-year program to create a universal home visit program. “When the program is complete, every new parent — this includes adoptions — would

Voters Approve Pro-Life Constitutional Amendments in Alabama, West Virginia

Voters in Alabama and West Virginia passed strong pro-life amendments to their state constitutions in ballot initiatives on Tuesday. In West Virginia, where Joe Manchin masquerades as a pro-life Democrat and pulled off a narrow victory, voters passed Amendment 1 by a margin of 52 percent to 48 percent. A 1993 state Supreme Court decision effectively mandated taxpayer funding for abortion in West Virginia by striking down a law prohibiting funding of abortion through Medicaid. According to state Delegate Kayla Kessinger, over 35,000 abortions have been paid for by West Virginia taxpayers since then. That ends with Amendment 1, which adds to

Pro-Life Wave? Voters to Decide on Key Abortion Measures in 3 States

When American voters go to the polls tomorrow, they will not only be voting on candidates but also on many ballot measures put forward to address policy and regulatory issues at the state level. And in three particular states, these measures involve an especially critical issue: abortion. On Tuesday, voters in Oregon, West Virginia, and Alabama will be asked to decide whether or not to amend their states’ constitutions regarding the issue of abortion. The proposed amendments in Oregon and West Virginia are similar in that they both address the use of public funds to pay for abortion, while Alabama’s

Oregon Bill Sets Aside $500,000 to Fund Illegal Immigrants’ Abortions

On July 1, politicians in Oregon passed a bill that would force taxpayers to fund free abortions across the state — even for illegal immigrants. Oregon bill HB 3391, also known as the Reproductive Health Equity Act, requires health insurers to provide abortions free of charge, and specifically earmarks $500,000 of the 2017-2019 budget to be used to pay for abortions on women who would be eligible “except for their immigration status.” It is estimated that 22,873 women fall under that category. With the end of the state’s legislative session coming up on July 10, Republicans desperately tried to stall