Parental Rights at Stake in Case of Minn. Mother and Teen “Emancipated” by State

In June 2017, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit of a Minnesota mother, Annmarie Calgaro, whose then 17-year-old son was emancipated from her by a county and several medical clinics without any due process on the mother’s part. That case was appealed in July 2017 by attorney Erick Kaardal and the Thomas More Society and heard in the Atlanta-based federal appeals court last month. As previously noted, the judge had made what the Child Protection League (CPLAction), who is supporting Calgaro’s efforts to reclaim her parental rights, characterized as a “bizarre and contradictory ruling”: “Only a court order can do

Whose Children? Challenges to Parental Rights Multiply

Earlier this month, New Jersey became the latest state to institute a policy threatening parental rights — adding to a growing nationwide hostility to the already fragile institution of the family. The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) recently amended their existing anti-discrimination policy with the “Transgender Student Guidance for School Districts.” The guidance, among other things, instructs schools to use the preferred pronouns and names of students without the permission, or even awareness, of students’ parents. In order to manage this policy, schools are keeping two separate files for students: one with students’ birth names and genders which parents

Medical Child Kidnapping: Could a Norwegian Scandal Soon Hit the U.S.?

The BBC recently did a profile piece discussing Norway’s child protection system, which is based on its strict enforcement of its United Nations-approved child development standards that include social emotional learning (SEL) standards and work via government home visits. The BBC, which is not exactly a conservative media outlet, summarized the Norwegian situation as follows: The UN rates Norway one of the best countries for a child to grow up in. And yet too many children, according to a large number of Norwegian experts, are taken into [government] care without good reason. The conviction of a top psychiatrist in the

Threats to Parental Rights Spark Political Battles in Delaware, Ohio

Recent statewide policy proposals in both Delaware and Ohio have captured the attention of national media outlets and highlight a growing phenomenon of government infringement on parental rights, one which has triggered a political firestorm. Moreover, the status of these proposals still remains up in the air, putting legal protection for parental rights in a precarious position in both states — as well as, potentially, the rest of the country. The most recent development came last week, when Delaware Gov. John Carney’s administration announced its decision to scrap a proposed statewide anti-bias policy for schools in all nineteen of the

Progressives Seek to Impose Gender Ideology on Va. School Curricula

School board members in Fairfax County, Va., are poised to vote June 14 on whether to implement changes regarding gender identity issues in the Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum for the county’s middle schoolers and high schoolers. Recommended changes to the current curriculum include redefining biological sex; adding lesson plans about gender identity and transgender ideology from a overtly biased perspective; and, perhaps most crucially, removing parents’ ability to opt-out their children from FLE programs. While this radical agenda may currently be limited to progressive strongholds, it is representative of the direction our country is headed in: one in which

Parents vs. the Nanny State: Who’s Really in Charge of America’s Children?

This article is part of a series focusing on Lens of Liberty, a project of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation In her Liberty Minute titled “Free Range Kids,” Helen Krieble exposes an area in which the government has very little business interfering but often does so anyway: the upbringing of children. A couple in Connecticut decided to let their kids walk home from school alone every day like many of us did growing up. But nowadays people are so worried about overprotecting children that somebody called the police and the parents are now charged with a crime. But these parents

In the U.K., Two Baby Boys Highlight One Massive Divide

At a hospital in London, a royal duchess gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Mother and son were given the best available care, and amazingly the duchess stepped out of the hospital a mere seven hours after giving birth to show her baby to the world. Hundreds of reporters, photographers, and onlookers were there to greet and applaud her. She went back inside to feed her baby and rest comfortably with the care of dozens of staff. A few hours away in Liverpool, a mother and father kept vigil at the bedside of their beautiful baby boy. However, they

Will California Bureaucrats Approve School Textbooks Praising LGBT Agenda?

Politico’s Morning Education recently discussed the efforts of a California education committee to comply with a 2011 state law requiring that social studies textbooks teach about “the role and contributions of” eight different identity groups including “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans…and members of other ethnic and cultural groups, to the economic, political, and social development of California and the United States of America.” The law also prohibits the adoption of: …any textbooks or other instructional materials for use in the public schools that contain any matter reflecting adversely upon persons on the basis of race or ethnicity, gender, religion,