‘Ready To Help’: Biden Spoke At PA Election Board Chairman’s Party

Rich Fitzgerald, the Allegheny County Board Of Elections Chairman, appears to have a close relationship with Joe Biden, who also attended Fitzgerald’s 2019 election night party. Fitzgerald serves as the County Executive of the area, which recently decided to count over 2,000 mail-in ballots lacking dates. As the Chair of Allegheny’s Election Board, Fitzgerald holds considerable power in the county’s ballot-counting conduct. Fitzgerald, however, has a cozy relationship with Joe Biden, counting the former veep as “introducing him” at his election night party in 2019. Part of a six tweet-long thread exclaiming support for Biden, Fitzgerald reveals the former veep’s

Read The Trump Campaign’s 105-Page Lawsuit In Pennsylvania

Read the Trump campaign’s lawsuit against Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State and several county election boards. The 105-page report, filed in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania, represents the Trump campaign’s effort to ensure all legal votes are counted – and illegal ballots aren’t. “American citizens deserve fair elections. Every legal – not illegal – vote should be counted. And no government power, be it state or federal, may deny American citizens the right to observe the process by which votes are cast, processed, and tabulated. We must protect our democracy with complete transparency,” the suit begins. READ MORE: Trump Lawsuit

Pennsylvania Secretary Of State Overseeing Election Declared Trump ‘Dangerously Unfit’ For Office, ‘Demeaning’ To Presidency

Kathy Boockvar – Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State who’s tasked with overseeing election conduct – is an ardent critic of President Trump, repeatedly attacking him as “demeaning the office of the presidency” and “dangerously unfit for office.” Boockvar, who previously served as senior election modernization adviser to the critical swing state’s Governor, now heads Pennsylvania’s Department of State. The department is “responsible for monitoring all aspects of an election, from ballot access to voting provisions” – of paramount importance in light of Pennsylvania’s integral and contested status as of November 4th. Boockvar, however, can hardly be seen as a neutral arbiter. On March

Dem Mayor Slams Biden, Predicts HUGE Victory for Trump

Justin Taylor, a Democratic Mayor from the critical swing state of Pennsylvania, wagered there would be a “huge victory and huge numbers” for President Trump while hammering how Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has done little for American workers. Taylor, who serves as Mayor of Carbondale, Pennsylvania, told the War Room: Pandemic show that he feels President Trump will win a resounding victory in the upcoming election, emphasizing that under Biden, the Democratic party has drifted too far to the left. “I see a huge turnout, a huge victory, huge numbers for Trump, and I honestly see that across the

Pennsylvania Rejects Nearly 400,000 Mail-In Ballots

The critical swing state of Pennsylvania has seen 372,000 mail-in ballots denied by election officials. The significant majority – more than 90 percent – was denied as duplicates because individuals who requested mail-in ballots for the state’s earlier primary had forgotten they selected mail-in voting for the general election. According to ProPublica, outside activist groups have contributed to confusion over the process of selecting mail-in ballots over in-person voting: “Voters have also been baffled by unclear or inaccurate information on the state’s ballot-tracking website, and by a wave of mail ballot applications from political parties and get-out-the-vote groups.” The mail-in

Pennsylvania Voting Machine Programming Technology Stolen

A laptop and several memory sticks used to program voting machines in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania were stolen. The news, confirmed Wednesday by Philadelphia officials, is the latest testament to the questionable integrity of the upcoming presidential election. According to The Inquirer: “Many details surrounding the incident remained unclear Wednesday afternoon including exactly how the equipment was taken, whether there are any suspects, and details on how the missing technology might be used. Officials said there are multiple levels of security to prevent the equipment from being used maliciously, and a police investigation is ongoing The equipment is believed

Pennsylvania Governor Vetoes Down Syndrome Abortion Ban

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf vetoed a bill on Thursday that would have banned abortions based on prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis. Why? Because he believes women “must be able” to abort such babies. The bill was passed by the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania General Assembly the day before landing on the Democrat Gov. Wolf’s desk. It was aimed at protecting those with a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis from being aborted, but included exceptions for rape, incest, and medical emergencies. “There is no evidence that this bill is needed in Pennsylvania,” Gov. Wolf commented in his veto message, adding: This legislation is a restriction

Overlooked Elections from Tuesday Provide Some Surprises

All eyes on Tuesday were on marquee races of the 2019 general elections in Virginia, Kentucky, and Mississippi. In Virginia, another blue wave devastated the GOP. In Kentucky, the incumbent Republican governor trails in a race that’s too close to call, while Republicans handily swept other statewide races on the ballot. Republicans also swept the statewide races in Mississippi. But elections in New Jersey and a handful of ballot initiatives have been overlooked. And there’s one more election coming up next week. In Tucson, Ariz., a strong majority rejected a ballot measure which would have declared it a sanctuary city. Tucson,