New Trump Admin Rules Abort Planned Parenthood’s Funding

This week, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that it would begin enacting revised regulations of Title X, a federal grant program for non-profit providers of family planning services. Changes to the program announced in February prohibit organizations which provide abortions from receiving taxpayer money.   Unsurprisingly, abortion providers complained, often citing that federal taxpayer abortion funding is already prohibited by the Hyde Amendment and that the rule is unfair to them. Yet, they conveniently ignore the economic reality that money is fungible. For example, funding any Planned Parenthood activities means that privately-sourced money can then be re-allocated for

Ultra-Liberal 9th Circuit Court Removes Block on Trump Pro-Life Rule

The pro-life administration in history achieved a major — and perhaps surprising — victory in the most leftist circuit court in the country on Thursday. In February, the Trump administration finalized a rule to cut off federal taxpayer funding under Title X from any facility that performs or promotes abortions. Any facility that does not cease performing or referring for abortions would have its Title X funding revoked. Planned Parenthood receives about $50-$60 million in taxpayer dollars annually from the Title X program, a fraction of the $400-$500 million in annual federal taxpayer funding they receive overall. But the amount

Louisiana Becomes Latest State to Pass Pro-Life “Heartbeat Bill”

Louisiana’s House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved Senate Bill 180, popularly known as the ‘Heartbeat Bill,’ in a roll-call vote on Thursday. Though it would have easily been possible for the Republican members alone to put the bill on the governor’s desk, almost half of the state’s House Democrats also voted in favor. With little hesitation, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, who describes himself as a “conservative Democrat,” signed the bill. Edwards’ signature was expected, as the governor frequently rebuffs the dictates of his party on this issue. The bill is a substantial improvement on previous law, which was broadly permissive

Judge Saves Mo. Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic from Closure

With just hours remaining before its license was set to expire, Missouri’s last abortion clinic received more time on Thursday from a judge to get its license renewed.  The clinic, Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region, needed to renew its license before it expired on June 1. However, a state audit of the clinic necessary for renewal revealed what Missouri Governor Mike Parson described as “a number of serious health concerns.” Governor Parson and spokesmen have stated that problems the audit revealed include failure to follow Missouri medical regulations and at least three botched surgical

Planned Parenthood Releases Creepy Sex-Ed Chatbot for Kids

Planned Parenthood isn’t satisfied with having aborted more than 330,000 babies in 2017. Now, in an effort to cast their net a little wider and reel in a larger number of potential clients, they’ve developed a chatbot named Roo. Roo is an artificial intelligence app available via the Planned Parenthood website and targeted at kids age 13 to 17, a demographic that already spends an average of nine hours a day online. The app, designed with the input of high school students, purports to offer “quick answers to intimate sexual health questions” — in other words, extremely biased and perpetuating

Kamala Harris Is a One-Issue Candidate

This article was originally posted at The Daily Caller. California Sen. Kamala Harris made a number of dubious claims and unrealistic promises in her presidential campaign announcement, but one line in particular stood out. “I’m running to fight for an America … Where reproductive rights are not just protected by the Constitution of the United States but guaranteed in every state,” Harris said. As a dog whistle to the extreme fringes of the pro-abortion lobby, the timing was significant. Just a few days prior to her announcement, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) signed his state’s controversial “40-week bill” legalizing abortion up to the

Planned Parenthood Admits Abortion Is Its “Core Mission”

In a shocking move, Planned Parenthood’s new president, Leana Wen, has finally acknowledged that providing access to abortion is the main mission of the organization. The centrality of abortion to the very existence of Planned Parenthood has been denied for over a decade. Whether it be through trying to shift attention to various other services its clinics offer, or by utilizing the widely discredited statistic that abortions comprise only 3 percent of the organization’s annual activity, spokesmen have tried their hardest to deny the public image of Planned Parenthood simply being another abortion provider. In a display of unusual honesty,

Planned Parenthood Uses Holidays to Take Cheap Shot at VP Pence

Making a charitable donation in someone’s name is typically a thoughtful thing to do. However, it becomes cruel when the donation is made to further a cause that person opposes. Yet, this is exactly what Planned Parenthood is encouraging people to do for one of our country’s leading political figures this holiday season. In their latest scheme to fuse fundraising with propaganda, Planned Parenthood has released a list titled “Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Vice President Mike Pence.” While the list includes some attempts to be witty, such as a Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg shirt or a gift certificate