MUST WATCH: Kassam & Posobiec Detail The Origins and Conclusion of the War for Ukraine.

A new Sunday Special episode of the Human Events Daily podcast sees host Jack Posobiec joined by National Pulse editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam in a deep dive on the tumultuous history of Ukraine. From the 2008 global financial crisis, through the Maidan protests, to today, Poso and Kassam pull zero punches with their in depth analysis of exactly what led to the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. One hundred years of blood have paved the way and the fog of war has left countless questions. We answer them on Human Events Daily with geopolitical analysis that you can’t miss. Watch

WATCH: Brexit Behind the Scenes, & Does the British Right Have a Future?

National Pulse editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam sat down for an extended chat with Saurabh Sharma, host of the ‘Moment of Truth’ podcast and executive director of the American Moment group based in Washington. D.C.. During the show, the pair discussed never-heard-before behind-the-scenes Brexit-era stories, as well as the future of the political right in the United Kingdom. Don’t miss this episode, available on Apple podcasts, here, or on Spotify, here, or on Google podcasts, here. Alternatively, you can watch the whole show in full below:

WATCH: Raheem Kassam Joins Congressman Gaetz for Detailed, 2022 Geopolitics Predictions.

National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam joined Congressman Matt Gaetz for his acclaimed Firebrand podcast to discuss Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit Britain, the persistence of globalism, the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and how the Biden regime is diminishing America’s foreign policy. Kassam digs into how belief in Britain is collapsing under a lack of long-term strategic thinking and planning, a crisis mirrored in the United States. Watch below, or listen on Apple, Spotify, and others:

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