Democrats Prove They’ll Do Anything to Obstruct President Trump’s Agenda

“Disaster.” “Erratic Leadership.” “Failed.” These are just a few words the mainstream media has recently used to describe Donald Trump’s presidency, as a part of the popular narrative that the President and GOP Congress are to blame for their inability to pass major legislation this year. Polls show that many Americans, including some who voted for Donald Trump, are beginning to lose patience with this lack of progress. But is the Trump administration really the problem? Throughout Trump’s presidency, there has been constant obstruction from the Democrats which has weakened and delayed the implementation of the President’s agenda for the

Did Texas Just Invent a Better Way to Defund Planned Parenthood?

With the odds of Congress repealing Obamacare and defunding Planned Parenthood before August recess getting slimmer by the day, lawmakers in Texas are thinking outside the box. If approved, their unconventional method of defunding Planned Parenthood could be implemented in states across the country. Last month, Texas Governor Greg Abbott submitted a waiver requesting that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approve federal funding for his state’s family planning program which excludes abortions. Initially a joint state-federal program, Texas’s family planning program began in 2007 as the “Women’s Health Program,” but has since been re-named “Healthy Texas Women.”

The Secret to Repealing Obamacare? Make Politicians Use It, Too.

July 4th has come and gone, but Obamacare is still the law of the land. Despite Senate Republicans’ assurance that health care would be put up for a vote before the fireworks, American families are unable celebrate their independence from Obamacare’s skyrocketing premiums and dwindling insurance options. But while the media is relishing in the Republican Congress’s inability to repeal a law they’ve been campaigning against for years, the fact is, breaking the health care gridlock might not be so complicated. It might even be easy. The secret to repealing Obamacare is likely hiding in plain sight — President Trump

Obamacare’s Collapse Continues as Enrollment Plunges, Premiums Skyrocket

Yesterday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a report showing that Obamacare enrollees are fleeing as fast as their premiums are skyrocketing. The findings, which were announced in the 2017 Effectuated Enrollment Snapshot, are part of a growing stack of evidence revealing how much of a failure Barack Obama’s health care program is. The report found that last year alone, over one quarter of enrollees left the program, followed by another 16 percent in the first three months of 2017. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that enrollment in Obamacare would be 22 million in 2016. In

New Poll: “Obama-Trump Voters” Want President, Party Who Will Fight for Them

New voter research from Priorities USA, a pro-Democrat super PAC, shows that among voters who switched from Barack Obama in 2012 to Donald Trump in 2016, and who were primarily responsible for delivering Trump a decisive electoral victory, many are struggling financially. The research also shows that a plurality (42 percent) view Democratic policies as mainly benefiting the rich — part of the reason why they turned against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last year. The research goes on to present ways in which Democrats might appeal to these “Obama-Trump voters” in order to win back their votes and defeat the

VICTORY: Senate Votes to Allow States to Defund Planned Parenthood

The Senate voted today to overturn an Obama-era HHS rule which directs state family planning funds to Planned Parenthood, moving one step closer to cutting off the abortion giant’s considerable taxpayer funding. Senate Democrats spent their allotted five hours of debate using their typical rhetoric, describing all the “good work” that Planned Parenthood does and listing all the valuable services they offer besides abortion — completely ignoring the fact that in each state there exist dozens of community health centers that offer all of these same services. Nevertheless, the resolution passed by a 51-50 vote, with Republican Senators Susan Collins

Why Trump’s Low Approval Rating Shouldn’t Worry Republicans

“President Trump’s approval rating hits a new low.” Thus proclaimed USA Today earlier this week, furthering the narrative popular in the mainstream media that Donald Trump’s presidency is off to a rocky start. It’s no secret that ever since Trump announced his candidacy for president in June 2015, his favorability ratings have been unusually bad — never moving into positive figures and generally hovering between 2 and 25 points under water. However, despite Democrats’ constant attempts to disparage Trump based on these numbers during the campaign, this didn’t prevent Trump from pulling out the victory on Election Night. And now that

This St. Patrick’s Day, Pour a Pint for Ireland’s Low Taxes!

As the world prepares to “become Irish for a day” on March 17th, lets take a moment to acknowledge an under-appreciated characteristic of the Emerald Isle — its low corporate tax rate. Ireland has the lowest corporate income tax rate in the industrialized world, a mere 12.5 percent. In contrast, the United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world at over 39 percent. The results of this experiment have been extremely predictable — American businesses are moving their headquarters to where the beer is better and the taxes are lower. President Obama blasted American companies for moving

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