Trump Call Actually Reveals a President Deep into Detail, with Establishment Republicans Dismissive, Unwilling, and Rejecting Transparency

“I don’t know about that… I don’t have it in front of me… we’re looking into that…” These weren’t the vague, non-committal words of the President of the United States on the phone call leaked by theWashington Post newspaper – which has recently taken millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party – this Sunday. They were the statements of the establishment Republicans on the call: Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Ryan Germany, and Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs on the January 2nd call. Despite the partisan framing from the Washington Post – that the call somehow reflected Trump

Clinton Defense Sec: Trump Still Has 20% Chance to Win Election Despite Media Calls

Graham Allison, an Assistant Secretary of Defense under former President Bill Clinton, insisted President Trump retains a “viable, stealthy road to victory.” Allison, who served under Clinton as an Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy and Plans from 1993 to 1994, wrote a piece entitled “Donald Trump’s Stealthy Road to Victory” for the National Interest on November 6th. “Without disagreeing with the conventional wisdom about the final tally when all the legal votes are counted, I believe the current consensus is missing the fact that Trump has a second, viable stealthy road to victory,” he notes. He predicts “the debate

Over 1 in 4 U.S Presidents Have Used the Insurrection Act – Now President Trump Should, Too.

President Trump has hinted at the use of the Insurrection Act for a while. Now, in the wake of the murder of one of his supporters in Portland, it’s time to use it.  The Act, originally signed into law by President Thomas Jefferson in 1807, provides President Trump with the ability to tackle the clear attempts at insurrection taking place in the United States today. In fact 12 U.S. Presidents have used it, from Jefferson himself to John F. Kennedy to George H.W. Bush during the Los Angeles riots. If Trump dithers or delays further, the Biden campaign’s latest attempt

IN FULL: President Trump’s Historic, Anti-Marxist Speech at Mount Rushmore

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, thank you very much.  And Governor Noem, Secretary Bernhardt — very much appreciate it — members of Congress, distinguished guests, and a very special hello to South Dakota.  As we begin this Fourth of July weekend, the First Lady and I wish each and every one of you a very, very Happy Independence Day.  Thank you. Let us show our appreciation to the South Dakota Army and Air National Guard, and the U.S. Air Force for inspiring us with that magnificent display of American air power — and of course, our gratitude, as always, to the legendary

SURABIAN: Big Tech’s War on Speech is A War on You… And You’re Losing.

I would love to say that the video footage, internal Facebook documents, and testimonials featured in Project Veritas’s latest undercover investigation of the Big Tech giant were “shocking” or “unprecedented,” but they are neither.  Rather, the revelations are an utterly unsurprising glimpse into the reality of online censorship and the bureaucratic machinery of the massive “content moderation” empire that Silicon Valley has assembled to appease liberal journalists and their own far-left employees who have never stopped being upset over losing the 2016 election. Of course, instead of recognizing that the American people voted for President Trump over Hillary Clinton as

WATCH: Full Video of Trump Exposing Media With Their Own Words

President Trump showed a video at the White House Press Briefing on Monday, April 13th. A combative Trump showed the video below, which led CNN and MSNBC to cut away from the live coverage of the press event. The White House Correspondent’s Association chairman Jonathan Karl took special offense to the video, demanding to know who produced the “campaign ad”. In reality the video was a basic stitching together of clips by White House staff.

CAIN: Ghoulish Media Wish Trump Would Catch the Coronavirus

Trump haters have lost their minds… if they had any minds left to lose. Ever since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, President Donald Trump’s critics have been frothing at the mouth over the prospect that he could have caught the virus after coming into contact with an infected individual. This has been the essence of the left since before President Trump was elected. Instead of disagreeing with his political viewpoints, they wish misfortune on him and his followers. This ugly instinct surfaced again recently when it was found that a member of Brazilian Prime Minister

President Trump’s ‘Grand New Party’

President Trump has used his time in office to change the platform and energy of the Republican Party. Despite the obviousness of this claim, it is clear little has been written enumerating the precise details of the shift he imposed on GOP tenets. Indeed, President Trump has created a Grand New Party, and the consequences of this creation should be understood and solidified by his supporters in order to ensure his legacy lasts far beyond his tenure. DEFEATING GLOBALISM The first is his unabashedly anti-globalist stance. President Trump stated in his United Nations address this past September, “the future does