Biden’s New COVID Coordinator Wants Vaccine Passports, Claims ‘We Aren’t Anywhere Near the End of This Pandemic’.

President Joe Biden’s new COVID-19 Coordinator – Dr. Ashish Jha – has vigorously advocated for “vaccine passports” and other hardline measures including mandated vaccines for air travel, despite also defending left-wing protests as “essential”. Dr. Jha, who will be replacing Jeff Zients and his deputy Natalie Quillian next month, is the current Dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health who has also praised Anthony Fauci as his personal “role model.” A frequent guest on mainstream media programming, Dr. Jha has routinely used his platform to demand the introduction of vaccine mandates and vaccine passports in America, while insisting “we

WATCH: UK Health Staff Hurl Scrubs at Downing Street in Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protest.

Videos of British National Health Service (NHS) staff protesting the UK’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate are going viral on social media, as thousands of medical professionals descended upon Downing Street this weekend. Upwards of 70,000 NHS staff could lose their jobs from April 1st should they refused to be part of Big Pharma’s experimental trial of the COVID-19 MRNA “vaccine”. NOW – NHS staff are throwing their uniforms in protest of the vaccine mandate at the police outside Downing — (@disclosetv) January 22, 2022 The protests took place throughout London, including outside Downing Street and in Trafalgar Square. The

Trump Is Right. Mark Milley Is, In Fact, a Fucking Idiot.

Speaking at his Mar-a-Lago club on Saturday night, former President Donald J. Trump caused a stir by referring to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as “a fucking idiot.” Trump recalled an Afghanistan conversation with Milley, America’s highest ranking military official: “Sir, sir. It’s cheaper to leave the equipment [in Afghanistan] than to bring it,” was the advice from Milley. “You think it’s cheaper to leave it there so they can have it than to fill it up with a half a tank…?” Trump questioned. “That’s when I realized he was a fucking idiot.” But is General Milley

China’s Bot Army Incited ‘Racial Injustice’ Protests In America, CNN Admits.

A report highlighting Chinese government-backed influence campaigns on social media platforms found that the effort sought to mobilize protests against “racial injustice,” CNN has finally admitted. The network’s summary of the recently released Mandiant Threat Intelligence and Google report notes how bot accounts linked to a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) disinformation network attempted to incite Asian Americans to protest against racism and those claiming COVID-19 originated in China. “US officials believe the operation is linked to the Chinese government,” the article adds. As the CNN article admits: In April for example, experts saw thousands of fake accounts calling on Asian

The Transition Integrity Project Admitted Outside Actors Would ‘Turn Protests Violent’

While the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge that AntiFa could have infiltrated pro-Trump demonstrations, the Transition Integrity Project warned that election-related protests could be infiltrated by actors seeking to “turn peaceful protests violent.” In 2020, The National Pulse exposed the Chinese Communist Party and Democrat-linked Transition Integrity Project (TIP) as working to fix a victory for Joe Biden. The group, which conducted wargames about potential election outcomes, is staffed and funded extensively by Obama administration alumni. While the mainstream media has downplayed all claims that AntiFa or other left-wing agitators could have infiltrated yesterday’s protests and storming of the U.S.

Chinese State Media Bureau Chief Calls For More ‘Bomb-Throwing Protests In US’

The European Bureau Chief of China Daily, a Chinese Communist Party-run media outlet, declared he hoped there would be “more petrol bomb throwing mobs in protests in the US” on Twitter. The comments come from Chen Weihua and appear to advocate for further violence and rioting across America. After Chen, a perennial Trump critic and mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, calls for “more petrol bomb throwing,” he adds that the New York Times endorses his viewpoint. In full, his remarks read: Hope there will be more petrol bomb throwing mobs in protests in the US. Endorsed by NYT. — Chen Weihua (陈卫华) (@chenweihua)


Hillary Clinton Claims ‘Black Lives Matters’ Is A ‘Theological Statement’

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton insisted Black Lives Matter is a “theological statement” while speaking on her newly-launched podcast, You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton. The bizarre remarks came on Clinton’s inaugural episode “Faith” – a 50-minute show featuring guests such establishment journalist Krista Tippett, Daily Show Correspondent Aasif Mandvi, and Reverend William Barber II. While speaking positively about the Black Lives Matter, the former Secretary of State commented that the activist movement, which in lockstep with AntiFa has been responsible for nationwide rioting and violence, was a “theological” movement: “When you think about the very deliberate, concerted effort