EXC: Biden/Fauci Digital Director Has History of Racist Tweets – “Ban White People.”

The Digital Director of President Biden’s COVID-19 Response Team has previously shared racist tweets, including calls for “bans” on white people, The National Pulse can today reveal.  The unearthed posts from Clarke Humphrey – a former Deputy Digital Director for the Biden campaign and current member of the Biden White House – are as recent as 2019, while she was working for the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Also the former Director of Online Fundraising for the DNC, Humphrey posted about “banning” white people, as well as a number of other racially-charged, aggressive, hateful messages. Humphrey told a Twitter user “don’t

EXC: Teen Vogue’s New Editor Alexi McCammond Ranted About “Blacks”, Dressed as Native American.

The National Pulse has uncovered additional historical tweets from Teen Vogue’s new editor – Alexi McCammond, already under fire for a host of old anti-Asian, homophobic posts. The messages appear to violate the left’s cultural appropriation standards. While the Axios reporter-turned-Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief apologized for her past tweets, the new revelations are likely to re-incite controversy as they portray McCammond dressed as a native American for Hallowe’en. This is what the left calls “cultural appropriation” and they frequently attempt to “cancel” people for the “crime”. One tweet – dated October 29th, 2011 – contains the text “Halloweennn!” before linking to the

EXC: Biden’s African-American Advisor Sent Racist, Anti-White Tweets.

Joe Biden’s National Director for African-American Engagement, Trey Baker, has authored a number of anti-white tweets, including quoting people instructing him to not “bring a white girl home,” The National Pulse can reveal. Baker, who held the role during the campaign, recently transitioned to the role of Senior Advisor for Public Engagement in the Biden White House. Among his campaign duties were to “manage and execute an African American focused constituency outreach plan,” to “support and provide strategic recommendations for the travel of the Vice President, Dr. Biden and high level surrogates nationally,” and to “prepare, develop and manage memos