WATCH: ‘Antifa: Rise Of The Black Flags’ Movie Out Now

The documentary “Antifa: Rise Of The Black Flags” is now available for streaming. The 1-hour film, which provides a “true history of the anti-government extremist group’s century of violence,” was produced by National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam. Kassam, alongside Jack Posobiec and other right-wing journalists and activists, are featured in the film. Focusing on the group which has caused nationwide rioting and violence, which is expected to resurge following election night, the film comes from the Citizen Journalism Network. The film – which undermines the Democrat’s and mainstream media’s depiction of the group as “just an idea” – has already


‘Biden or Die’ Yard Signs Appear in Colorado Following Murder of Trump Supporter

A man was murdered for his political preferences, and it has scarcely attracted a peep from the national media – and even Republican politicians have been relatively quiet about it. If Lee Keltner, the victim of the Denver shooting, was left-wing, gay, or an ethnic minority, this would not just have been front-page news for days – but there’d be riots, looting, and Al Sharpton getting on a private jet already. There would be panel discussions, “teaching moments”, and the lambasting of those who tried to speak about the matter while not having experienced the type of discrimination Keltner had

Major UK Electoral Fraud Case Was Precursor to Ilhan Omar Cash-For-Ballot Scandal

Contrary to what the Democrats would have you believe, electoral fraud and mail-in ballot abuse can – and does – happen.  It was almost ten years ago to the day that a man born in Pakistan rose to national prominence in the United Kingdom, winning a historic election victory by becoming the first Muslim executive mayor in Britain’s history. But despite his ostensibly respectable background as a solicitor and member of the Law Society of England, Lutfur Rahman was controversial from the start. WATCH: His selection by Britain’s Labour Party was mired in electoral fraud – a harbinger of what was


EXCLUSIVE: Don Jr Dunks on Hunter Biden for $1.5Bn China Check

Donald Trump Jr. joined Raheem Kassam on The National Pulse show, slamming Hunter Biden for inking a $1.5 billion dollar deal with Chinese Communist Party. ‘Don Jr’ also took aim at Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blasio’s New York as “absolutely disgusting.” Asked by Kassam: “where’s Hunter?,” Trump Jr. dunked on the son of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden for profiting immensely from the Chinese Communist Party: “Well he’s living large, I guess. Taking 1.5 billion dollars from the Chinese government into his quote-on-quote fund that no one had ever heard of before and that 30 million a

REVEALED: The Real Reason Fox News Censored Soros Debate

What’s the deal with Newt Gingrich being told he’s not allowed to raise the spectre of Soros on Fox News? The former Speaker of the House was censored for referencing the progressive mega-donor, inextricably linked to ongoing riots plaguing America and the bald-faced attempts to swipe the 2020 election from President Trump. WATCH IN FULL:  Look closely – the last few moments – before Fox unceremoniously dumps former Speaker Gingrich. That moment of silence, in case you don’t know how TV works behind the scenes, is a producer in Fox host Harris Faulkner’s ear telling her to dump out of

KASSAM ON FOX: Trump Is ‘Positively Churchillian’

Editor-in-Chief and host of The National Pulse Raheem Kassam appeared on Fox’s The Ingraham Angle to discuss the left’s coordinated attempts to steal the 2020 election from “positively Churchillian” President Trump. Focusing on the axis between “billionaires and neo-bolsheviks,” Kassam outlined the dramatic lengths groups including the Barack Obama, George Soros, and Chinese Communist Party-linked Transition Integrity Project will go to to ensure a victory for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden. “If people think November 3rd is going to be the last day of the election, you’ve got to get your heads out of the sand. They plan to steal

Biden Immigration Amnesty Could Lead To Astronomical 77 MILLION Migrant Influx

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has promised to grant amnesty to all illegal immigrants currently residing in the U.S. – a policy that could lead to nearly a quarter increase in the population, strain resources, and supply Democrats with an abundance of votes. Biden’s amnesty pledge is a central tenet of his campaign, declaring, if elected, he “will immediately begin working” to provide a “roadmap to citizenship for nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants.” Since 11 million is the Democrats’ go-to number when estimating the illegal immigrant population in the U.S., Biden is effectively promising universal amnesty, a policy favored by globalists

WARNING: Democrat Data Firm Admits ‘Incredible’ Trump Landslide Will Be Flipped By Mail-In Votes Emerging A Week After Election Day

A top Democratic data analytics firm has confirmed National Pulse exclusive reporting, claiming it believes President Trump will win on election night but in the following days mail-in ballots will trickle in to reverse the victory in favor of Biden. The admission, divulged by the company’s CEO Josh Mendelsohn in an interview with Axios, confirms predictions made by Brexit architect Nigel Farage and The National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam on the outlet’s newly-launched TV show. It also follows Hillary Clinton telling Biden “don’t concede,” irrespective of the election outcome. ‘A MIRAGE’ Hawkfish – a “data analytics agency founded by Michael