WATCH: Kassam Explains Why Trump Should Use Insurrection Act (Feat Jack Murphy, Natalie Winters)

WATCH IN FULL: Kassam Explains Why Trump Should Use Insurrection Act. Guests include former Democrat-turned-Trump supporting author Jack Murphy and Natalie Winters. Jack Murphy’s book: Democrat to Deplorable, is available here. [powerkit_button size=”lg” style=”primary” block=”false” url=”” target=”_self” nofollow=”false”] Support The National Pulse [/powerkit_button]


EXCLUSIVE: Nigel Farage Warns Trump Will Win on Election Day, But Mail-In Ballots Will Be Used to Nullify

Speaking on The National Pulse’s newly launched TV show, Nigel Farage – the architect of “Brexit” and former Member of European Parliament – warned of “dark art operatives in the Democrats” intent on “abusing” the mail-in voting system to ensure a victory for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden. Speaking with Editor-In-Chief Raheem Kassam, Farage asserted that “absolutely” President Trump “will win the majority of the votes in the electoral college […]  because the Trump base is still very highly motivated.” In contrast, he emphasized that “Biden isn’t up to it.” Farage, however, cautioned that “dark art operatives in the Democrats”

KASSAM on FOX: The 3-Point Plan For Trump’s Re-Election

The National Pulse’s Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam appeared on The Ingraham Angle on Fox News Tuesday night where he outlined his three-point plan for President Trump’s re-election in light of the renewed carnage being seen in Democrat run cities. “The President has really stepped up to the plate. Law and order is now taking place in the streets, not just in the tweets. Law and order is being seen in Oregon and will soon be seen in Chicago, meanwhile, we are being told by Democrat mayors that they don’t want that. “The Democrat mayors are treating the dead bodies and wounded

WATCH – Kassam on Fox: New York Times Wants to Stack the Deck Against Trump in Debates

National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam appeared on Fox News’s The Ingraham Angle on Wednesday night to discuss the recent New York Times op-ed entitled ‘Biden Should Not Debate Trump Unless…’ “Look at the arbitrary nature of the new rules that Tom Friedman at the New York Times wants to condition this debate on. Tax returns, why stop with tax returns? Why not the Delaware records that Biden doesn’t want out? Why not the foreign dealings? I am sure we’d all like to know what Beijing Biden has been up to.” In relation to Joe Biden’s recent remarks that he “can

PROOF: Kassam Twitter Suspension Triggered By UK Law Enforcement Demand to Censor Journalism

The suspension of The National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam’s Twitter account appears to have been triggered by United Kingdom Law Enforcement insisting a factually accurate breaking news tweet was “in violation of UK law.” Kassam – a British citizen – was suspended on June 23rd for tweeting the following: BREAKING (GRAPHIC): Multiple people reported stabbed. Some reports of fatalities in vicinity of a Black Lives Matter protest in Reading, UK. [VIDEO] According to an email from Twitter’s legal department the: “tweet is in violation of UK law.” The email also provides no specification as to what law Kassam violated with

Raheem Kassam Suspended From Twitter For Sharing UK Terror Vid Where 3 White People Died

Twitter has locked the account of Raheem Kassam – Editor-in-Chief of The National Pulse and co-host of the War Room: Pandemic podcast – for sharing “media depicting the moment of death of an individual.” Kassam’s original – and now censored – tweet read: BREAKING (GRAPHIC): Multiple people reported stabbed. Some reports of fatalities in vicinity of a Black Lives Matter protest in Reading, UK. While users can still see the account, Kassam can no longer access his account or share new content with his over 210,000 followers. Three days after the post in question was shared, Kassam received the following message: