Former Candidates Start to Coalesce Behind Trump

With the Republican primary race all but over, GOP leaders are slowly beginning to unite behind the party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. This includes three of his former rivals for the nomination. Just days following Trump’s significant victory in the Indiana primary,


So Long, Rick, We Hardly Knew You

And so there are 16, as Rick Perry effectively ends his campaign (they always say the campaign is “suspended,” in case they can get FEC matching funds down the road).  The JV debate will be even lonelier with Carly going to the


Two Warnings from Rick Perry, As He Goes

The 2016 presidential race had its first major casualty on Friday, as Rick Perry made the decision to suspend his campaign amid serious financial struggles and a failure to gain any traction in the polling. Perry did not leave quietly, however.  In


Perry Drops Out, Field Reduced to “Only” 16

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry dropped out of the presidential race on Friday, marking the first casualty of the 2016 campaign. Via CNN: The departure of Perry, who had little support in early-voting states or among the GOP donor class, is unlikely


Three Candidates We Can’t Count Out. Not Yet.

As we head into the weekend, perhaps we could all use a little perspective. Is Donald Trump the front-runner? Sure. He’s dominating the polls right now. Does Jeb Bush seem to be the establishment’s pick? Based on early fundraising, that appears to

The Common Core Report Card: Rick Perry Gets a B

In our Common Core report card, we graded Rick Perry and all of the GOP candidates based on the three following criteria: fighting the Common Core, protecting state and local decision-making on education, and defending child and family privacy. Then we averaged the three

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