Our Poly Future?

At The American Interest, Prof. Robert George (founder of American Principles in Action) lays out the case that the principles embraced by Justice Kennedy and the narrow majority in Obergefell makes polygamy inevitable—unless those principles are resolutely rejected by the American people and the next Supreme Court majority. Kennedy is not immortal.  The next president may choose the future of marriage. This is one reason I have been so involved in scrutinizing the candidates’ responses to Obergefell. The whole essay is well worth reading. I am not convinced polygamy is inevitable. But it is now a real possibility—judicially created and enforced:

Robert George Joins 55 Scholars in Denouncing New AP U.S. History Framework

Princeton University professor and APIA founder Robert George was among 55 scholar signatories on a letter released Tuesday expressing strong opposition to the College Board’s new AP U.S. History framework.  Addressing an issue first brought to the public’s attention last year by the American Principles Project and retired APUSH teacher Larry Krieger, the letter decried the framework’s imposition of “an arid, fragmentary, and misleading account of American history” on APUSH students nationwide. Among the criticisms leveled by the scholars was the observation that the new framework replaces the earlier less detailed, content-centered outline with a lengthy politically and ideologically biased document which “promotes

Robert George Thanks Scott Walker

Prof. Robert George congratulates Gov. Scott Walker for promising to support a 20-week abortion ban in Wisconsin and nationally: Yesterday I called for Republicans who aspire to the presidency to demonstrate that they are men and women of conscience who will work to protect children in the womb despite the Supreme Court’s unjust and constitutionally baseless edict in Roe v. Wade. Today Governor Scott Walker did that by endorsing legislation to ban late-term abortions. This legislation is an urgently needed first step in the direction of dismantling Roe and moving us towards our vision of an America in which “every