Roger Stone Is The Hoax’s Latest Victim

There’s something lousy about putting a man in prison for how he answered questions in an investigation that was itself a ruse. Roger Stone is going to jail for three years because he got caught in a perjury trap during the Russia probe.  Attorney General Bill Barr, though, has appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate whether the Russia probe was a political operation disguised as law enforcement. Stone’s conviction and that inquiry are irreconcilable. The theory of the Stone case, the trial, and its aftermath certainly make it look like the prosecution was a political hit. Stone had been

Posobiec: Why Does ‘Never Trump’ National Review Want Roger Stone to Die in Prison?

I’m one of the only people who sat through the whole Roger Stone trial in person. Credit where it’s due, Milo did too. He even has a book coming out about it. But before that book drops, it’s imperative to raise awareness over what the Never Trumpers are still trying to do, as they panic about the latest announcements about White House personnel moves that will surely lead to a more early-2017-style White House, rather than the John Kelly-style stuff we had begrudgingly become accustomed to. When they’re not running pro-Pete Buttigieg, “End the Electoral College” advertisements, the National Review