The EU is Speeding Towards Digital ID, Currency, and Biometric Systems for Tracking Citizens.

A consortium of six European nations is pushing for a new, digital, cross-border payment system which ultimately aims to combine the EU Digital Identification program with a digital euro. The NOBID (Nordic-Baltic eID) project – which is comprised of the governments of Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Latvia and Norway – is being supported by multinational banks, large technology firms, and other government agencies from across Europe. NOBID’s website describes the project – which sounds eerily similar the kinds of social credit system used by countries like Communist China – as the brainchild of the unelected European Commission. “The payment use case

TikTok is Tracking Your Keystrokes On External Websites, Report Claims.

Chinese Communist Party-backed social media platform TikTok inserted code into its app to allow for the tracking of users’ activity on external websites, including their keystrokes, according to a stunning new report. The evidence – originally authored by software engineer Felix Krause who shared it with Forbes – also found that TikTok could capture a user’s credit card details, passwords, and other forms of personal information. TikTok retains this tracking capability due to the way it codes websites launched by users on the in-app browser. When people click on TikTok ads or visit links affiliated with a creator’s profile, for

Britain’s Government is Abusing Ukraine War-Refugee Generosity to House Economic Migrants.

Following a successful housing scheme – launched last week – to accommodate Ukrainian refugees, the British government is now considering using the hospitality and offers from Britons to resettle other, non-Ukrainian refugees, including thousands of migrants from Afghanistan. The scheme follows criticism from neighboring nations noting the U.K. had been allowing too few refugees to enter, moreover, government restrictions making the process seek asylum too difficult. Critics have compared the UK to European countries such as Poland – which has taken in over a million people in recent weeks – despite Poland being a next-door neighbor to Ukraine, and a