Spain’s Sky-High Child COVID Deaths Are Actually a Computer Error.

Spain’s child COVID-19 deaths – reported as the “highest rate” among developed countries in a recent study – are based on false data. The Lancet study, “Children and young people remain at low risk of COVID-19 mortality,” alleged that “the highest rate of deaths per 100 000 children was in Spain.” A total of 54 minor deaths were reported in the study, 28 of which were in the “0 to 9” category and 26 were in the “10 to 19” category. The accuracy of the data, however, has been disputed by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Infectology and the Spanish Society

China Scams With Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits

The novel Coronavirus pandemic is sounding the death knell on the world’s crippling dependence on goods made in China. China’s lax environmental standards, slave labor, and communist ruling regime’s unfettered economic appetite, make it a fount for cheap products. But that’s a deadly double-edged sword, as the quality of the country’s exports is sacrificed in the name of maximizing margins. Look no further than Spain. Spain, the country trailing only Italy in Coronavirus deaths, ordered rapid test kits from Chinese company Bioeasy which failed to achieve their only purpose: detect the virus. In fact, the test failed to accurately detect