Ohio Nurses’ Union Poll Finds 30% Would Quit Hospital Over Vax Mandate.

A survey by an Ohio nurses’ union for the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) found that almost a third of respondents would quit their jobs if UCMC officially finalized a Covid vaccine mandate, of which the hospital has made a preliminary announcement. There are five major local hospital systems, of which all five have announced they will eventually institute a vaccine mandate. Two of the hospitals, Christ Hospital and Cincinnati Children’s, have already set a definite vaccination deadline of October 1. Tri-Health, University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and Mercy Health, as of Tuesday, had not set a definite date

Survey: 95% of Readers Believe Joe Biden is Unfit to Govern.

Just three percent of National Pulse readers believe Joe Biden is capable of exercising the powers of the Office of The President, with a whopping 95 percent stating they believe the U.S. Commander in Chief unfit to govern. The readers’ survey – found at the bottom of all National Pulse articles – surveyed a total of 16,302 people. The news comes as rumors in Washington, D.C. circulate about the Vice President’s new nickname: Kamala “Heiress.” In March 2021, President Biden fell up the stairs while boarding Air Force One, three times in a row. He has repeatedly avoided holding press