Biden VP Shortlister Espoused ‘Deep Commitment’ to ‘Regular’ Chinese Military Co-operation

Potential Democrat vice presidential pick has a collaborators record concerning the Chinese Communist Party, spearheading “unprecedented levels” of co-operation with the regime and insisting she “welcomes a rising China” while serving as Obama’s National Security Advisor. CHINA’S RISE, AMERICA’S DECLINE. Addressing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) apparatchiks part of a 2015 delegation to the U.S., Rice spoke at George Washington University and extolled China’s rise: “The United States welcomes a rising China that is peaceful, stable, prosperous, and a responsible player in global affairs.” Emphasizing “it’s natural that China take on greater leadership,” Rice insisted that when the CCP plays a

Chinese State Media Leverages Susan Rice Op-Ed To Absolve CCP of Coronavirus Responsibility

Chinese Communist Party-controlled media outlets are relying on articles from The New York Times (NYT) – including an article by Obama-era National Security Advisor Susan Rice – to brand President Trump’s response to the novel coronavirus pandemic a “failure.” An article in the CCP-controlled CGTN news outlet is entitled: “The U.S.’s Fixation On Shifting Blame to China Does Not Help.” It begins with a statement describing its use of “excerpts” from two NYT articles: “It’s Not Enough to ‘Get Back to Normal,” an op-ed by Rice, and a report from three staff writers: “U.S.-China Feud Over Coronavirus Erupts at World