LISTEN: Miles Guo’s New Song ‘Dear Mamma, I Am Ending The CCP’

Chinese Communist Party dissident Miles Guo has released another hit single: “Dear Mamma, I Am Ending The CCP.” The song, which follows Guo releasing the chart-topping song “Take Down The CCP,” is his latest anti-Chinese Communist Party anthem. Just one day after the nearly 5-minute song’s release, it had already topped the charts of seven countries: Hong Kong, Hungary, Macau, Mongolia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. In the United States, it was the fifth most downloaded song. It can be listened to on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music: LYRICS: Dear Mamma, are you okay over there? Your


EXCLUSIVE: Download ‘Take Down The CCP’ Song by Miles Guo

Chinese dissident Miles Guo is now fighting the Chinese Communist Party with culture. His latest single, ‘Take Down the CCP’ is available for download now. You can download the ‘Take Down the CCP’ single by Miles Guo on iTunes, here: On Spotify, here: And via the War Room download link, here.