Bloomberg News, Calling Gold “Everyone’s Favorite Standard,” Gives A Pulitzer-Worthy Scoop

A report by Michelle Jamrisko in Bloomberg News on May 17th, headlined “Make America Gold Again: Calls for Everyone’s Favorite Standard Are Back,” suggests that the headline may have outrun its pass coverage. The gold standard is by no means “everyone’s” favorite standard. It has many critics. And yet, giving due deference to an element of dramatic license, this report makes several very significant points, scooping the rest of the mainstream media. The first key points are that, in the reported words of Jesse Hurwitz, a U.S. economist at Barclays Capital in New York — who considers the gold standard a bad

Clinton Supporters Are Recycling These 3 Failed Attacks on Trump

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee, an onslaught of negative ads are, undoubtedly, on the horizon. Trump is, by now, no stranger to negative campaigning, having already faced numerous attacks from his former Republican primary rivals, as well as high profile GOP leaders like Mitt Romney. Now it’s Democrats’ turn. Politico reports that a pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA Action, will start running anti-Trump messages this week: The three central tenets of the message will be that the real estate investor is a divisive character, that he’s too dangerous to vote for, and that he’s a

Campaign Leak: Did a Cruz-Rubio Ticket Nearly Happen?

It’s a time-honored tradition. Candidate runs for president. Candidate loses. Candidate’s campaign staff blames everyone and everything in an anonymous tell-all piece to the media. It happens every cycle — should’a, would’a, could’a. But this piece at CNN is still worth a read. Apparently there was a real push to put Marco Rubio on Ted Cruz’s ticket prior to the March 15th primary in Florida. Jake Tapper reports at CNN: Top officials of the Cruz campaign are convinced there is one specific step that could have stopped Trump — and they blame Sen. Marco Rubio for not taking that step. In

Daria Novak Campaigns for the Gold Standard in Congressional Race

Daria Novak is crusading for the gold standard in her race for Congress in eastern Connecticut. Now, Novak recently has received the endorsement of George Gilder, the living author most quoted by President Reagan and the author of many influential books such as the million seller Wealth and Poverty — the “bible” of Reaganomics — and the new Amazon best-seller The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street Recovers But The Economy Never Does. In a public statement Gilder declares: Daria Novak’s endorsement of gold shows she understands one of the core problems facing the American economy: the Federal Reserve’s monopoly money

Kudos to Ted Cruz

After Indiana’s disappointing results came in, Texas Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign. It was a very wise decision. I had just finished an appearance on the Fox Business Network, in which I tried to avoid suggesting that he should drop out. But by the time I got back to my house, Senator Cruz had made the announcement. Tuesday night, Senator Cruz put the country before his own ambitions. He knows the ultimate goal is to stop Hillary Clinton and prevent the left’s “fundamental transformation” of America. The Republican Party and the conservative movement must be united. And the party

What Did Ted Cruz Do Wrong? (VIDEO)

Frank Cannon is president of the American Principles Project and a respected conservative political strategist with over 30 years of experience. I think that Cruz ran an excellent campaign. I think Trump is the person who matched up with the sentiment of the population that believe that politics as usual — particularly as practiced by the Republican Party — is broken; that Trump is somebody that people believe will be serious about giving us economic growth. I don’t particularly believe in the prescriptions that Trump has, but I do believe, unlike most Republican politicians, that he understands that people feel Chat: What Happened to Ted Cruz?

We held a chat this morning with several The Pulse 2016 contributors to discuss the end of Ted Cruz’s campaign. Where does the conservative movement go from here? Can Donald Trump be trusted by social conservatives? Participants included: Jon Schweppe, Communications Director, American Principles Project Shane Vander Hart, Editor-in-Chief for Ralph Benko, Senior Economic Advisor, American Principles Project Mary Powers, pro-life conservative writer, and contributor to The Pulse 2016. schweppe [10:04 AM]: Okay. Well, let’s get started. Thanks to all of you for joining. ralphbenko [10:05 AM]: You are welcome, Jon. schweppe [10:05 AM] Last night, Ted Cruz dropped out of the race after

Here’s How Donald Trump Beat Ted Cruz

What happened in Indiana is not likely to stay in Indiana. Presidential campaigns are a genre of nonfiction. Here is how Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz in Indiana and became the GOP nominee. To appropriate the words of editorial titan Sean Coyne, it was a Big Idea. Trump’s Big Idea: Make America Great Again!  Doubling down, Trump declared in his recent first major foreign policy speech: Our goal is peace and prosperity, not war and destruction. In contrast, Ted Cruz focused on what Coyne calls building blocks. He commandeered delegates, announced a VP appointment, criticized a Trump endorser, attempted to paint

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