Video: Cruz Also Zings Bush in Florida

Maggie, local bloggers report Sen. Ted Cruz also went after Jeb Bush on Common Core while speaking at the Jacksonville, Fla. GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner. The Shark Tank also interviewed Sen. Cruz on Common Core while he was in Jacksonville last Friday: Paul Dupont


Cruz Jabs Bush on Common Core

On February 22, Senator Ted Cruz made an appearance in Jacksonville, Fla. During his remarks, Sen. Cruz made it clear that he had “significant policy disagreements” with former Gov. Jeb Bush on Common Core. This was just the most recent in a


Jindal, Cruz, Huckabee on Marriage

Gay marriage is back in the mainstream TV news thanks to Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee. In a CNN interview on Feb. 10, Gov. Jindal endorsed a Constitutional Amendment as a remedy if the Court orders gay marriage.  And on Feb. 1, also

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