A Write-In Election for a Texas Court Could Derail The Trans Lobby.

Kevin Whitt – a former transsexual turned pro-family activist – has been campaigning for Earl Jackson, a Republican candidate for the 301st District Court in Dallas, TX, which is at the center of a high-profile case involving a minor transitioning to the opposite sex. Having lived a transsexual life – including as a prostitute, phone sex operator, dominatrix, and webcam “model” – Whitt, who has since embraced Christianity, rightly insists, “That lifestyle is not for anybody and certainly not for children.” Whitt lived as a transsexual for 22 years before becoming a Christian. While in that world, he was introduced to

WAX: Here’s Why Texas Governor Greg Abbott is Tanking.

Once a favorite and a “rising star” in the national Republican Party, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has fallen from grace. Recent polling shows he has lost his lead in the Texas GOP gubernatorial primary, dropping nearly 20 points in just three months. Abbott’s collapse was not brought about by dishonest attacks from the corporate media. On the contrary, his inauthenticity has become too much for conservative Texas voters to bear. In the era of Trump’s Republican Party, the conventional wisdom of Republican in Name Only (RINO) hacks simply won’t cut it, and it is clear to all that Abbott’s inner

Allen West – Trump’s Texas Torchbearer – Overtakes Governor Abbott. Here’s Why.

A recent poll showed retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West leading incumbent Texas Governor Greg Abbott by six points, 38 to 32 percent. It also showed that Abbott’s support has cratered since his peak of 56 percent support in October. This may be a shock to Republicans outside Texas, who may have been fooled by Abbott’s carefully-constructed façade of leadership.  Abbott has done a decent job of pulling the wool over the eyes of national Republicans and even some Texas conservatives. Ever-ready to puff his chest out to secure a nice photo op before inevitably capitulating, we have observed this on

Judge Blocks Biden’s Federal Worker Vaccine Mandate, Blasts: ‘The President’s Authority is NOT That Broad’.

A U.S. District Judge has enjoined the Biden White House’s vaccine mandate for federal employees, in yet another rebuke of the Biden presidency and COVID-related diktats. The news comes just days after the Supreme Court stayed the regime’s use of OSHA to coerce millions of Americans to get the decreasingly effective injections. Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown of the Texas Southern District ruled for the plaintiffs in the case Feds for Medical Freedom v. Joseph R. Biden in a January 21st decision. Feds for Medical Freedom describes itself as a grassroots coalition comprised of thousands of public employees which formed in

Chinese Communist Party-Backed Bitcoin Firm Invests Millions In Texas Crypto Center.

BIT Mining Limited – a China-based company backed by state-run entities with histories of cyber attacks – invested over $25,000,000 into a Texas-based bitcoin mining operation. The partnership between the Chinese company and a Texas-based subsidiary of Bitdeer on “Bitcoin mining” – the process by which new bitcoins are entered into circulation – will lead to the construction of the  Texas Mining Center. BIT Mining, formerly known as 500.com, has extensive financial and personnel ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Reuters has identified “Chinese state-backed chipmaker Tsinghua Unigroup as a major shareholder,” amassing nearly one-third of the company by 2018

In Just 1 of 20 Sectors, Nearly 50,000 Tried to Cross Illegally Since Biden Took Office.

A Customs and Border Protection report reveals that in just one sector of the U.S. southern border, at least 44,000 migrants attempted to illegally cross in the month of February. The March 17th press release buries the bombshell statistic in a report focusing on “large groups” of migrants attempting to enter the U.S. in Hidalgo County, Texas. “In the month of February, agents in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector apprehended 16,583 Family Units and 11,242 UAC.  This has marked an increase of over 100% in both categories.  This year, RGV agents have encountered 19 groups of 100 or more

Top Democrat Election Lawyer Marc Elias Sanctioned For Procedural Violations.

Marc Elias – a top Democrat election lawyer – was sanction in Texas for violating ethics rules in a suit on behalf of Democrats’ Senate and congressional campaign committees. “One of the Democratic party’s top election lawyers was hit with sanctions by a federal court for violating ethics rules in a suit against Texas over straight-ticket voting, a rare rebuke for a seasoned attorney following months of tumultuous litigation over the November election,” Bloomberg summarizes. Elias and other lawyers from the firm Perkins Coie were ordered by the U.S. Court of Appeals in New Orleans to pay legal fees and

Texas AG Sues Biden For ‘Unlawful, Perilous’ Deportation Ban

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the Biden regime for its 100-day pause on the deportation of illegal immigrants, describing the move as “unlawful and perilous.” Paxton, who also filed a Supreme Court suit relating to the integrity of the 2020 election, sued the White House on January 22nd. “Our state defends the largest section of the southern border in the nation. Failure to properly enforce the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel,” Paxton noted in a statement describing his complaint and motion for a restraining order. “The Department of Homeland Security itself has

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