Donald Trump Wins The Pulse 2016 July Straw Poll

The results of our July Straw Poll are in. We would like to thank everyone who participated! Our poll exceeded all expectations, as we received a staggering 15,032 responses throughout the month. Donald Trump had a really good month. He has surged

Ted Cruz Dominates The Pulse 2016 May Straw Poll

Ted Cruz seems to be very good at winning online straw polls. Earlier this month, Cruz won the Hot Air Primary Survey for the second month in a row. Last week, we conducted The Pulse 2016’s first straw poll, and Cruz absolutely

The Pulse 2016 May Straw Poll Results

The results of the Pulse’s May Straw Poll are in. We want to thank everyone who participated in the poll. We received 367 total responses, and the full results were as follows: Ted Cruz 39.8% 146 votes Ben Carson 9.8% 36 votes