Millennials Cannot Afford to Sidestep the Abortion Debate

In the world of conservative millennials, two things have come to the forefront of the conversation over the past week: Tomi Lahren and the pro-life versus pro-abortion debate. Lahren, now with Fox News, gained popularity with her former “Final Thoughts” segment for The Blaze. She is known for her blunt pomposity, out-there stances, and condemnation of safe-space and trigger-warning culture. Even though many still consider her to be the sweetheart of conservatism, Lahren has been under intense fire ever since she announced that she was pro-choice and spoke harsh words against pro-lifers. In recent news, several students are accusing Lahren

Final Thoughts on Tomi Lahren

It’s time for my “Final Thoughts” on Tomi Lahren, written, unfortunately, in the inimitable style of Tomi Lahren. Last week, 24-year-old know-it-all firebrand Tomi Lahren, a supposedly “conservative” media superstar known mostly for her viral rants against black people, melted like the ideologically vapid snowflake she is on The View when asked about abortion. Check it out below: Sunny Hostin: “…[l]et me ask you this. You call yourself a conservative Republican and a constitutional conservative, but you also consider yourself pro-choice, which is interesting to me because 68 percent of conservative Republicans think that abortion should be illegal across the