Biden’s New Federal Reserve Vice Chair is Married to his ‘Asia Tsar’ who Headlined a Conference For a Hunter Biden-Linked Chinese Foreign Influence Group.

Lael Brainard – recently nominated as Joe Biden’s Federal Reserve Vice Chairman – controversially refused to label the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) a currency manipulator during her stint in the Obama administration and is married to Kurt Campbell, who has deep ties to Beijing’s foreign influence operations and propaganda organs, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal. When reporting on the nomination of Brainard earlier this week, corporate media outlets all neglected to mention the nepotistic appointment, as well as Brainard’s long-standing ties to CCP influence groups. As Treasury’s top diplomat from 2010 to 2013, Brainard oversaw eight reports that all

EXC: Biden Treasury Sec Yellen Paid by Chinese Communist Party-Linked Group.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s financial disclosures reveal she was paid to speak at Caixin – a Beijing-based media outlet with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, The National Pulse can today reveal. The financial relationship is revealed via her most recent disclosure as item 33 on a 68-item-long list titled “Filer’s Sources of Compensation Exceeding $5,000 in a Year.” Caixin has been highlighted by The Washington Post for its ties to the Chinese Communist Party through its founder Hu Shuli, including personal friendships with former party leadership: “Caixin, which Hu founded after leaving Caijing in 2013, has been able to navigate China’s media